Kathleen and Dylan

How We Met

We met in culinary school in 2015, I helped move him back into his dorm from being on an externship. We didn’t know each other than or speak for a while after but it was absolutely love at first sight for me. I had seen him at the mall with his roommate a month after that in his bright orange flyers jersey and I told my roommate that I was gonna marry him one day. We ended up talking on Instagram a few weeks later & he asked me out on my first real date & he showed up to pick me up with chips ahoy chocolate chip cookies. He’s had my heart ever since.

How They Asked

We had plans to go back up to our college where we met for our 5-year anniversary/ Valentine’s Day for lunch. He was insistent that our best friends come with us, I didn’t understand why at the time but now it all makes sense. Once we got there, we walked around & took some pictures outside. I have always wanted to get married there since it’s so beautiful & right on the Hudson River.

I had mentioned it again once we got there. We walked around some more & only had 45 mins till our lunch reservation. We go back outside.. take some pictures & he turns to me and says “so you said you wanted to get married here?” 😭and got down on his knee & asked me to spend forever with him. Can’t wait to marry my best friend ❤️