Kathleen and Cort

Image 1 of Kathleen and CortHow we met: Cort and I met in 6th grade and attended the same middle school and high school. We actually had a class together in seventh grade! Our school was so big that it took us until the last month of our senior year to become friends. We connected through doing community service together at a local Goodwill as punishment for participating in a food fight for a senior prank!

We went on to attend Indiana University, where we started dating. We have dated all through college. Now we are both seniors and getting married a week after graduation!

how they asked: Cort proposed on my birthday. It was a beautiful evening and I was completely surprised.

My friends had told me a few weeks prior that we should go to the lake for my birthday because it was our last fall in Bloomington and then afterwards our plan was to meet up with people. We went to the lake and it was a perfect, sunny evening. We got out of the car and walked around the lake.

Little did I know that Cort was standing at the end of a red carpet rolled out on the dock ready to ask me to marry him. My friends subtly guided me towards the dock where he was waiting and I was completely shocked when I saw him standing there!

It was the most magical night surrounded by friends and family.

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