Kathleen and Bryce

Proposal Ideas The proposal was at Lower Yosemite Falls

How We Met

We met at a bonfire on the last day of my Spring Break. A long time friend asked me last second, if I had plans that night, I didn’t I was just going to stay home and watch TV with my parents. She ended up getting me to go to a bonfire in what felt like the middle of nowhere. Well with a drink and my hand and not knowing anyone I kind of just drifted from person to person until I start talking to a boy while sitting on the tailgate of his truck. Not thinking much of it, it gets closer to the end of the night and I’m ready to say my goodbyes and get some sleep when this boy’s friend tells me the boy can sing. I’m intrigued, but being my sarcastic self, I tell him it doesn’t matter unless he can sing a Justin Moore song (widely unknown artist at the time).

Kathleen's Proposal in The proposal was at Lower Yosemite Falls

Low and behold, he pulls out his phone starts a Justin Moore and sings it for me. Well at that point I was interested, but I had to drive back to school 6 hours away the next day. He finds me on Facebook and we continue to talk. A month later, I decide to move back to Northern California and continue my education closer to my family. Well after working 7 days a week for a while, we finally make a date. I talked to much and nearly scared him away, but turns out he was ready for more punishment. A month later we go on a second date, he drives us all the way to Yosemite and we hike Lower Yosemite Falls, where at the bottom of those falls, we have our first kiss. From then on for the next four years through multiple moves for both of us, school, work, different jobs, we became us and haven’t looked back since.

how they asked

We have been through years of living in different cities and going weeks without seeing each other, but we knew from a while back that we were meant for each other. Well in May I finally graduated from Sacramento State with my Bachelor’s, which Bryce helped me through every step of the way, break downs, wanting to quit, switching my major, he helped me through it all. Well with the help of my best friend he purchased a ring and while I was on my graduation vacation, he asked for my dad’s blessings to marry me, which of course he got. We planned to spend post 4th of July week with his family at their cabin, which sounded great to me. Then to top it all off my best friend and her husband ended up being able to join us for the weekend to go hiking at, you guessed it Lower Yosemite Falls, where we had our first kiss.

I thought nothing of it and was just so excited to spend time with my best friend and our guys. Well it turns out Bryce had plans and my friends were in on it, we got as close to the base of the waterfalls and started taking pictures, me again being a goof ball I even used him as a prop while he was rooting through his back for what I thought was maybe a go pro or lip balm. All of a sudden he is done and tells me he had ulterior motives for bringing us all to Yosemite to the Lower Falls and drops down on one knee.

I was shocked to say the least and being all emotional started to cry. I of course said yes through all my tears and in best friend fashion, she screams, “she said yes!” It was the happiest moment of my life so far and I’m so glad we got to share it with the people we love and got to spend the whole next week hanging out with family and friends and just enjoying being engaged.

Special Thanks

Luisa | 
She photographed the ring and later our official engagement photos