Katherine and Michael

How We Met: Michael and I began dating our sophomore year of high school in 2008. We were such a cliche in that he was a football player, and I was a cheerleader. After dating all through high school, we went to Florida State University together (Go Noles!). Four years later, we were seniors. Before school started, I decided to study abroad in Italy.

how they asked: After studying abroad in Florence this past summer, Michael met me in Italy, so we could travel to Santorini, Greece for a week. We were apart for 6 weeks while I was in Italy, so we were really excited to travel in Europe together. My birthday was in a few days, so Michael booked a sunset cruise around the island. We got picked up from the port around 2 pm and started sailing around Santorini. After snorkeling by Red Beach, the boat anchored for dinner. As everyone was eating, Michael took me around to the back of the boat, got down on one knee, and said, “Katherine, will you marry me?” I started crying and said yes!

It turns out Michael had asked my parents months before I left for Europe. He met them for lunch one day and asked if he could marry me. They both say it was sweetest, most sincere thing. He went engagement ring shopping with my sister, Allie, several times, and they picked out the ring together, which is really special to me.

Image 1 of Katherine and Michael