Katherine and Eric

How We Met

Eric and I met in middle school, 9th grade science class to be exact. We sat right next to each other in class. We grew to become best friends through passing notes back and forth to each other in class, between class. I still have all of those notes to this day. We were friends 9th-12th. Every single year, Eric would ask me if we could go out yet and every year I would tell him the same answer “You are my best friend and I love you like a brother. That’d be weird to go out with you!” Little did I know, beginning of 12th grade, we would give a relationship a try and 8 years later, we are set to marry! :)

how they asked

I played soccer for most of my life. I played goalie for nearly half of the time I played soccer. It was my go to place. I did a lot of thinking, a lot of laughing and I did some crying (both due to losses of the game and losses of important people in my life). But somehow, it was always a safe place for me and a place that brought me comfort.One day, Eric told me he was going to be playing an intramural soccer team with Jordan (his best friend) and they needed to practice. He told me I needed to be in the goal because all the other guys never played. On Sept 16th, we were supposed to play the game but it down-poured about an hour before we were supposed to play. Game canceled. He was so mad… And of course, not knowing why he was so mad I said “Eric it was just a soccer game.

There will be another one.”Sept 18th, there was to be another a soccer game in the afternoon. I remember telling his parents “It’s weird he is playing soccer when football is on.” When we arrived to the field, we waited for his friends to show up and I noticed he was super antsy but I figured it was just him being excited to play. The boys showed up and we started practicing. I laughed at them because they were all out of breath while we were playing. The boys kept down on the other end of the field for the most part. Then all of a sudden they were coming my way. I was secretly hoping Eric was going to get the ball so I could block his shot. Sure enough, Kody B passed it to Jordan who passed it to Eric across the field. Eric stayed about 10 feet ahead of me pretending like he was going to shoot the ball. All I was thinking was “just shoot the ball! I wanna block your shot.

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” A few seconds later, he stepped over the ball and got down on one need and asked “Will you marry me?” Of course I said YES! I hear the boys clapping in the back ground.

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Then I hear clicking noises. All of a sudden I look around and I realize his friend Meg was there photographing the whole thing! At that exact moment, I realized, this wasn’t a dream and it was actually happening at that very moment.It was everything I could have imagined and more.

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