Katherine and Phillip

how we met

We were friends first as both of our best friends are siblings. My best friend and I were roommates so we’d all hang out together.

After the first few months of dating, Phillip got a job working an hour away from where we live and he was working really long hours so we’d really have to make an effort to spend time together but be considerate of each other’s schedules. After a year of that, he moved an hour away from where I live for work. We were able to adjust to that as well and both trade weekends traveling. An hour really isn’t that far, but it really made our commitment to each other much more meaningful. We made both changes work pretty seamlessly!

how they asked

The proposal was a complete surprise on the day of! We, of course, had talked about marriage and generally timing (we had conflicting lease issues to keep in mind!) but I was definitely taken off guard when it happened in September! My parents asked me if Phillip and I would like to go to dinner with them at their favorite restaurant one Saturday night (which wasn’t weird). It was during football season and Alabama had a 2:30 game so I said “As long as I don’t have to miss the end of the game!”. As we’re pulling into the parking lot I texted my mom to see how far away they were, based on her response they were about 15-20 minutes behind us which was pretty strange. The restaurant wouldn’t hold a table for us so Phillip suggested we walk around. The restaurant, Sunset Pointe, is on Mobile Bay at a Fly Creek Marina, so we walked around for a few minutes and then I decided Mom and Dad must be pretty close by now, so let’s go get a table. Once we sit down, Phillip kept insisting we walk around and I kept saying “but we can’t leave the table”. He finally got me to walk around and all of a sudden he was acting weird. Kept looking around, kept walking us closer to the water, and finally I asked him “why are you acting so weird?” and he got down on one knee! I don’t like attention and being very aware that a restaurant full of people were watching us, I started saying “no, no, no, no” (he’s lucky, right?) and then he said “will you marry me?”. I easily said yes to that question! Then he informed me my parents weren’t even coming to dinner (I also haven’t let Mom forget she “lied”). After the two of us had dinner, we met both of our families for dessert and drinks at a another restaurant in Mobile. I loved that we had the moment to ourselves, followed by celebrating with our families together. It was the first time our families had ever all met which was special.


more special thanks:

Dress Designer | Justin Alexander
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Special Thanks

Justine & Wayne
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