Katherine and Patrick

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How We Met

Pat and I met when we were in college. I had just moved home from Milwaukee and was headed to my best friend’s house for a welcome home party. Pat came to the party with his fraternity brother, who was an old friend of mine from high school. We instantly clicked when we fell over sitting on a beer cooler. I guess you can say, it all started with a beer.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Key West

how they asked

While visiting Key West with our family this last December, Pat had some grand plans for us. It was another typical day of vacation, get up, eat breakfast, decide what we were doing for the day. We decided that day would be the day we would go to the Southernmost Point, it’s a must when you are there. My Best Friend Kacy convinced me to get in a nice dress and do my make up and hair, which I thought was odd but she said she wanted to take really pretty pictures while we were down there. So I got all ready, Pat put on a nice shirt and we started on our walk with our whole group in tow. We got to the Point and waited in line. Pat was sweating profusely, but that wasn’t that abnormal since it was a warm day. Finally it was our turn for a picture. The whole group walked up and took a picture. Then my mother-in-law said wait, I want one of you and pat. We took that one and I started walking away, Pat called me back and as I was walking away looking off into the sky, Pat was down on one knee asking me to marry him. He was shaking as I held back tears of joy and said “Yes, it’s about damn time.” I’m not one for being the center of attention but I just laughed as I jumped into his arms and the crowd of people in line clapped and whistled!