Katherine and Nicholas

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How We Met

On a sunny day in Chicago I was visiting City Church Chicago with a friend. Upon entering Church for the 6pm service this really tall guy with the brightest smile and biggest personality welcomed us in! He made it a point to chat us up before and after service. Honestly, at first, I just thought he was being nice and didn’t put much thought into the conversation….as months go by I begin to serve at CCC and Nick began to hang around and make it a trend to talk with me, so much so, people began to ask if he wanted to switch teams he served on! Needless to say, Nick made it a point to invite me out with his friends and 13 months later….

how they asked

Every year I attend a women’s conference in Atlanta, GA called The Pinky Promise Conference. This year Nick and I decided to attend the conference together because they also have a mens conference at the same time called The Mens Conference. While planning he told me this would be a good time to meet his dad as well. The first day of the conference I had two of my girlfriends from NYC with me and I was waiting on two more to fly in that afternoon. In addition, I serve alongside about 15 women who assist in planning the conference and whom have grown to be my sisters in Christ. I was called downstairs to attend the “sound check”. As I arrived downstairs it seemed strange because we were in a separate ballroom but I obliged and just waited for instruction…. Then my sis tells me we can go to the meeting that was already scheduled….

She opens the door for me and I see my friend April holding a blush colored rose and she reads off a beautiful card…

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I was SOBBING and the room is black with only candles lighting my way along the aisle… each girl reads off a card, noting Nicks heart and feelings about me, and hands me a blush rose.

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After I get through 15 women I see not only my 4 expected NYC friends BUT 2 other friends from New York and Texas who flew in just to be a part of this special moment.

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At the end of the aisle was my now Fiance, Nick with a Red Rose and he got down on one knee and asked me to spend forever with him….

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Now having God’s best for me-I could not dream of a better proposal…

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Special Thanks

Wynter Deans
 | Photographer
Amy Rigdon
 | Event Coordinating
April Wesley
 | Event Coordinating