Katherine and Nicholas

Nick and I, along with two of our friends, planned an impromptu 8-day trip to Italy. Soon thereafter, we booked a multi-city tour of the country, starting in Rome, and then traveling to Florence, to Venice, and wrapping up in Riomaggiore, a northern coast town in an area known as Cinque Terre overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Nick had planned to propose to me on the balcony of our house we had rented in Riomaggiore toward the tail end of the trip. On the several hour train ride through the Italian countryside to Cinque Terre, we made dinner reservations for what I believed to be at 8:00 that evening. After a day filled with sunbathing and drinking prosecco in the Mediterranean Sea, our group began to get ready for our 8:00 dinner reservations. As I finished getting ready, we got word from the restaurant that our reservation had been changed to 9:30. I was hardly pleased with the delayed dinner, but figured we could at least get pictures on our balcony at sunset. As I turned to pose for the picture, Nick grabbed my arm and got down on one knee, creating the perfect engagement scene as the sun met the Mediterranean Sea. The dinner reservations were never at 8:00.

Where to Propose in Cinque Terre, italy