Katherine and Max

How We Met

Believe it or not, Max and I are a Bumble success story! We met for the first time almost 3 years ago on a cold November dinner date in Chicago, IL. He took me to the newly opened 3 Arts Cafe at Restoration Hardware in Chicago’s Gold Coast for a glass of wine and then we went down the street to a small pizza place for dinner. We hit it off right away! We are similar in so many ways. Soon enough, we were introducing each other to our families and already daydreaming about the future. We love to travel together and over the years have taken trips all over the US, Europe, and Asia. Last fall both of us stood in his sisters’ wedding in beautiful Marco Island, Fl.

Last winter we brought home our little Australian Shepherd puppy, Otto. Call me a crazy dog mom, but he is the ABSOLUTE cutest!! Just recently we finally moved in together, which made raising a puppy so much easier.

Otto when we brought him just at 4 months old (above)

Otto chilling in the bathroom with me at just about 1 year old (above)

Katherine's Proposal in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

how they asked

This year, we planned a 10 day road trip from Zurich to Rome. We were SO excited to explore both Switzerland and Italy because 1) we love the outdoors and 2) we love pasta.

One of the first stops on our road trip was the beautiful mountains of the Jungfrau Region in Switzerland. On Sunday morning, we were talking a walk through the main street of a small mountain town called Lauterbrunnen, when Max suggested we go down on the smaller paved path off to the side to get a better picture of the waterfall. When we turned the corner onto the lower path I was in AWE of the beautiful scene!! I stopped dead in my tracks and Max pulled me in for a big hug (seen in photo below).

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

There was a couple sitting on a bench nearby enjoying the view as well so I started walking away to give them their space. But after only 10 steps or so Max stopped walking and pulled me in close for another big hug and to take in the view again. He told me how traveling with me makes places that were once foreign, feel familiar. He told me that he loved me so much and that he wants to explore the world with me forever. I said, “Me too?” in a funny voice because I was confused why he was being so sentimental! It all made sense very soon after when he turned me towards him, took both my hands and got down on one knee (cue me freaking out). He took my dream ring out of his pocket and asked me to marry him. My hands went to my face, my legs started shaking and I started crying all before I realized I still needed to respond. Finally, I said YES!

Where to Propose in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

A few moments of celebration and tears went by before I remembered the couple sitting on the bench nearby. In hopes that someone captured the moment, I quickly uttered to Max “I really hope that couple is taking photos right now!!” to which he responded “Oh, they are. They are my friends.” SO I came to learn that Max had hid from me that one of his high school friends moved to Switzerland this past summer with her husband and he arranged for them to be sitting on that bench the whole time! We took an impromptu engagement photoshoot right then and there. After a celebratory beer, we headed up the cable cars to the top of the mountains for more beautiful views (and photos!) BIG shoutout to my amazing fiance, Max, and the best photographers Sophie and Loic!

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