Katherine and Matthew's Sweet Proposal in Uganda

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How We Met: He was a sophomore at the University of Arkansas and I was a freshman. My older brother Stephen had been a member of a christian fraternity on campus called BYX and graduated the year prior. After hearing about how much he loved it and meeting a few of the guys I was VERY interested in these guys. Through mutual friends we crossed paths and ended up being twitter followers because let’s face it.. I thought he was cute… and people say “sliding into your DM’s like”… well he actually did do just that! ..Which led to texting, and eventually our first date ..and the rest is history.

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how they asked: About 3 years ago I was given the privilege of going to Uganda on a mission trip where I fell in love with a 3 year old named Jackie! Since that time she’s become my sponsor child, and I have gone back every summer since seeing her and her mom. A year into our relationship Matt, my fiancee, decided that with such a big part of my heart being in Uganda (along with many other reasons) he wanted to go and meet Jackie for himself. So we went! God moved, I fell in love with Matt on a whole new level and also the Lord.. it was a truly incredible, earthshaking experience full of revelations, lessons, trials, joy, and clarity. Well.. this year we went back again and knowing what a HUGE part of my life my now sponsor child Jackie is to me he decided he wanted to propose to me in Uganda with her! (couldn’t have been any more perfect, or sweet) So! My man planned, schemed, and even lied a little, working behind the scenes for months in preparation for the big day. He snuck away from the team on the 9th of June and I was told he was serving with the ministry I sponsor Jackie through and would be joining up with our group when we arrived at Jackie’s school for the medical clinic in a bit. I bought that hook line and sinker as I rode the bus to the school eagerly awaiting to see Jackie who is now six!! I rushed off the bus and in the midst of the crowd of faces our eyes met and locked, it was her and she was BEAUTIFUL! I couldn’t believe it! As tears filled my eyes I ran to her hugging and kissing every inch of her sweet bashful face. By that point a school teacher who was in on the whole thing along with Jackie informed me that Jackie had something for me. My heart felt like it was going to burst and I was so curious how Jackie had even known I was coming.. she pulled out a letter and it read, ” good morning sunshine, you should follow Jackie -love Matt” and confused as I was I began to follow Jackie and the translator behind the school to a beautiful garden where I was told Jackie had grown some corn for me. I saw a long term missionary friend squatting behind a tree taking pictures and excitedly tried to strike up conversation as I hadn’t seen her in a year but she didn’t respond and continued photographing… me?! Then I saw Matt.. handsome, caring, and nervous as can be. At this point I realized that he was proposing so instead of looking into his eyes and soaking in every sweet word he said.. I mentally blacked out and said a little prayer in my mind as it was racing and I noticed that he had dropped down to one knee.. and began to panic that maybe he had already ask and I didn’t say yes so before he got out “will you..” I screamed YES!! and in the confused, excited, nervousness I got down on the ground with him to hug him like the awkward duck I can be. For about five minutes we just hugged, hearts racing in the african sun discussing the questions I had rolling in and also loving on Jackie.. it was truly the most romantic, thoughtful, precious proposal. I couldn’t be more blessed.

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Credit: Jenessa, Chris, and Jackie