Katherine and Martin

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How We Met

Martin and I’s love story started like you see on TV or in movies but don’t often see in real life. It wasn’t at the grocery store, or on a blind date. We met through career. I grabbed Martin’s attention while working together at the same company in Dallas, TX. Similar to Pam and Jim, our love truly sparked at, “The Office.” And similarly, also personified the adage, “love is worth the wait.” On a normal workday during a daily trip to the company snack closet, Martin caught eyes with me, deep in work, occasionally making polite conversation. What started as a friendship, slowly turned into a romantic relationship three years later when Martin figured it was time to officially ask me out on a formal date. Hours of conversation that weekend over sushi in Deep Ellum at Deep Sushi, Martin and I’s love story truly began. Throughout the coming years, we traveled, enjoyed the occasional company quarterly or holiday party, many Mexican dinners, crawfish boils and college gamedays.

I knew it was real when Martin moved in with me and my feisty (but loving) sister Mary. Soon, the TV changed from ESPN to Bravo, Sports Center to Real Housewives and the LSU alum with his Tiger shorts, hat and T-shirt was now outnumbered by two Oklahoma State Cowboys (Go Pokes). But what ultimately defined our relationship, were the experiences and pivotal moments in between. Meeting each other’s family, Martin returning to school for his Masters, then embarking on a series of rigorous CPA and financial investment exams. Throughout all of these moments, we have always by one another’s side, and are still to this day, and now will be forever. Saturday, February 17, 2018, marks a day of true celebration. It represents another pivotal moment in Martin and I’s adventure. We look forward to sharing this day of celebration with those that have held a special place in our beautiful journey. Laissez les bon temps roulez!

how they asked

After visiting Paris, “the city of love” together years before the proposal, it was only fitting to relive for Martin’s proposal to me, specifically a moment shared on Paris’ Pont des Arts “Love Lock” Bridge, where over 45 million padlocks once were held, symbolizing and celebrating the forever union between two people. For those who don’t know what a love lock is, the modern definition is: “A padlock which a couple locks to a bridge, fence, gate, or similar public fixture to symbolize their love. The key is thrown away to symbolize unbreakable love.” As perfect as a Paris proposal sounded, nearly 5,000 miles, an ocean, one CPA license and two busy schedules separated us from this Parisian escape, so Martin got resourceful. He found a similar and equally as quaint love locks bridge nearby with sweeping views of downtown Dallas. Martin knew what he had to do, but he couldn’t do it alone. It takes an army to pull off a surprise engagement, especially to me.

I catch every crumb before it falls, create minute-by-minute vacation itineraries in excel spreadsheets and spot a stain across the room. It wouldn’t be easy. But my sister Mary, along with one of Martin’s best friends Treyson were up to the task. The next few weeks were spent ironing out and error-proofing the plan: Engraving a love lock, finalizing the bling, secretly buying and shipping all of the supplies, a few “going to work out” white-lies, dry runs at the bridge, securing a photographer, and most importantly scheduling our most important loved ones to be in town as a special surprise. That Friday, Martin planned to take me to the mall for last-minute shopping. Meanwhile, Treyson, with Mary in tow, were staged at the bridge. Treyson pretended to lose his keys during a brisk, and extremely logical (wink wink) winter run by the Trinity River. He “frantically” called me, hoping for help retrieving his keys at the bridge. Of course I was there in a hot minute. The stage was set, the photographer was ready, marquee lights were on the bridge that read, “Marry Me?” and I was on my way with Martin.

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As I walked along the bridge, I came to the lights, and Martin fell to his only good knee, the other having a torn ACL. With tears in my eyes, I ugly-cried and said yes.

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But that was only the beginning. I always wanted my loved ones close during special occasions and this was no exception. As Martin and I continued taking pictures, a frozen Treyson left as he fake drove Mary to the airport.

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While Martin and I celebrated over dinner at Uchi, secretly, Mary went for pizza in Dallas at Louie’s that night with her boyfriend Austin, Treyson defrosted, and Martin’s parents, two sisters and my mom began their departure to Dallas for surprise celebrations. The next morning, as Martin and I rode down the elevator, Martin and I’s entire family was positioned for a surprise at the elevator bank. I ugly-cried again, and everyone celebrated. We enjoyed a wonderful family brunch at Breadwinner’s in Uptown.

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After five years of experiences, adventures and memories, the engagement was official. Thank you to all of our friends and family for their outpouring of support and love as we begin our life in marriage. We look forward to celebrating in NOLA!

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Special Thanks

Christina Truelove
 | Photographer