Katherine and Manuel

Proposal Ideas Miami

Manuel and I met in 2008 at a music festival here in Miami, FL. We have been dating for five years and a half. I can say he is my very first love. We had planned to take a trip to Spain with our families one week after my birthday. Although all my friends thought I was getting engaged during my trip and I sort of suspected it, little did I know it would happen on my birthday. This year, the surprise was much different. He took me on a sailboat to watch the sunset, where EVERYTHING was planned when we arrived. Champagne, roses, candles, the sunset, everything! After nearly two bottles of champagne, we were taking pictures of the sunset and all of a sudden I feel him letting go of me and I felt like I was going to fall. Trying to keep my balance, I turn around to grab on a handle and there he was… On one knee, asking me if I wanted to marry him. “NO!” I said crying and out of shock. I mean, “YES of course!”. The moment I had been dreaming of finally happened. And well, the rest is still unwritten.

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