Katherine and Joseph

Katherine's Proposal in Kat’s Parents home

How We Met

We met at an exes birthday celebration at a popular chain restaurant. We actually didn’t think very highly of each other! He thought I was a bit snobby and I thought he was a bit Hillbilly. Little did we know!

Proposal Ideas Kat’s Parents home

how they asked

We had been together for 2 years and a month. It was Christmas Day and we were in high spirits when Joe suggested that we head out to Old Sacramento to walk around and maybe do a little Christmas tree gazing. Of course, I agreed, it was one of my favorite things to do! We got there and were the only ones there and for some reason that was a bit irritating to Joe. So he suggested we find a restaurant and grab a bite. It was Christmas Day so I told him I didn’t think anything was going to be open. I was right and for some reason, he was even more irritated and I couldn’t understand why.

So finally he said we should just head back to my parents where we had just spent Christmas morning. We had extended family over as well. We arrived and about 5 minutes later everyone was ready to go back to their own homes. After they left Joe again seemed pretty flustered about everyone getting out of there so quickly after we arrived and asked where everyone went.

He then shrugged his shoulders got down on one knee and said: “I was really hoping to do this in front of a big crowd of people with a giant Christmas tree in the background.” It all made sense! He of course then continued and proposed and of course, I said yes! I didn’t care how he proposed, just the fact that he put so much thought into it and that it was so important to him makes me happy and proud to say that’s my wonderful fiancé!