Katherine and John

Katherine and John's Engagement in Jacobsburg State Park

How We Met

John and I met like most millennial couples these days: online through a dating app. Although once we connected and started talking, we realized that we shared a ton of mutual friends, and most likely have run into each other at some point, but never noticed. Crazy enough, we use to go to the same firehouse breakfast spot as children. . . it’s crazy that we were most likely running parallel to each other our whole lives, but with the help of the internet, our lives finally intersected.

After a little pushing from John, I agreed to meet up on a date at a local bar close to the both of us. What we both thought was going to be an hour-long drink, turned into four hours of amazing conversation, drinks, and laughter. He asked me out on another date that night, and although I was not normally someone to quickly say “yes”, I agreed to another date. And from that point on, I kept on saying “yes” to John.

We both like to say we knew pretty quickly that we were meant to be together. John tells everyone he knew from our first date that I was his “future wife” as he nicknamed me to all his friends. I took a little more convincing, as a very analytical and cautious person. Either way, he melted my heart faster than anyone else!

We also joke what really “sealed the deal” for us, is we both have two dogs. I have two chihuahuas, the one being a puppy I had just gotten a few months prior to us meeting since I was convinced I wasn’t going to be dating anyone long term, so I’d just worry about my dogs (life is funny isn’t it?). John has two labrador retrievers. When the four of them met, it too, was like love at first sight! All four got along wonderfully and took to being best friends super quickly! It’s still funny to watch people see our “pack” walking so perfectly together . . . and the chihuahuas thinking they’re the same sized as the big dogs!

Since I’m a wedding and event florist by trade, we pretty much started talking about getting engaged right away and when we’d want a wedding. My schedule books up pretty fast, so I wanted to make sure I’d have a free weekend to have my own wedding. I was hoping he would propose in the winter to give me plenty of time to plan for myself, before filling up my calendar with clients. He had convinced me that we wouldn’t get engaged until the spring since we had only been dating for “six months”.

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How They Asked

Leading up to the proposal John had asked me if I wanted to take the dogs for a hike that weekend since everyone has been cooped up in the housed for so long with crappy weather. (We have four dogs together.) So, I picked out a spot close to home, that I had never been to, and that would give us enough time to nap and get ready for a holiday party that weekend.

December 21, 2019, to me, seemed just like another ordinary day . . . It was freezing cold out that morning, so I was extra bundled up to head outside. Of course, I had no makeup on, my hair wasn’t done, and quite frankly, wore nothing that coordinated. Which made me think nothing of our morning excursion.

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When we arrived to start our hike, John seemed quiet but didn’t seem anything of it. I enjoyed the scenery and kept thinking about how beautiful this place would be for pictures! We got to a bridge halfway through the trail when John stopped to take off his jacket because he was too hot! I was super confused since it was so cold out but grabbed the dogs and walked a little further down the bridge to wait for him. He came over and started telling me how he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me and I finally realized it was happening and I was in shock!!! Then he tells me to look around to see my best friend, who’s also a photographer, and his best friend (who she’s now dating) taking our picture and videoing the whole thing. I was now even more surprised!! I couldn’t even believe it! So, they hugged us and congratulated us and said they’d meet us at the car because John wanted to finish the trail.

I kept telling him I needed to call my mom to tell her but figured I could wait until I got to the car. When we finished the trail and was walking out, both of our families popped out to surprise us! They had champagne and glasses all set up to get the celebration started! We took more pictures and savored every moment.

Then John said there was more to the surprise, so we went home so I could change (thank goodness) and we headed out to a fantastic restaurant where everyone could enjoy a meal together and keep the excitement going! After the restaurant celebration, we headed into Downtown Bethlehem with all the Christmas décor to finish taking pictures. Finally, the night ended with a celebration with all my friends at a Christmas party where the champagne kept flowing. It was the most amazing day, that was enjoyed by all of our favorite people, and made us feel so loved and cherished.

Special Thanks

Rachel Peri
 | Photographer