Katherine and Jimmie

How We Met

Jimmie and I met on May 1st of 2017 through our mutual friends (a couple, the man is Jimmie’s best friend and the woman is my photographer for my fashion blog). My photographer had been pushing the two of us meeting for over a year. Neither of us ever pursued since we were in different places in our lives, and Jimmie always says he knew I would be the one and he just wasn’t ready. When I finally was interested and in the right mindset to be in a relationship in the winter of 2017, my photographer looked at me with the most painful expression told me he was dating someone but that it was hopefully just a fling. Well, it was and we ended up meeting that May after I had a styled wedding shoot and my photographer invited Jimmie over to their apartment in Salem, MA and we basically became an item that day then and there!

how they asked

So on Sunday we woke up and went to the dog park, as usual, to let Bodie run around. Jimmie is in paramedic school right now so he usually studies all day to prepare for the week. We grabbed coffees, came home and I did some emails and a little work while he studied (in reality he says he really got zero work done and was staring at his books blankly). We had dinner plans for our favorite restaurant and said he made the reservations for 5:00…my favorite time to eat dinner but not his so I was a little weirded out that we needed to leave by 4:15 to drop Bodie off at Jimmie’s parents (normal, we never leave him home alone), and head into Salem but not enough to make me suspicious. After dropping Bodie, we heading on in towards dinner. As we were getting close to the restaurant (it was about 4:35 at this point), he looked at the clock and said his dad asked us to look at the transmission on the little boat something is wrong. (This is where I sort of clued in being that the boat is out of the water and Jimmie wouldn’t be the one to check the transmission). I shoved those thoughts out of my head so that I wouldn’t get disappointed if it wasn’t happening.

He pulled over quickly at the Sail Loft building in Salem, a place where we have spent many hours chatting about since it’s near the boat and we would love to potentially get married there. He said that it had been on the news for erosion and so I said oh cool is going to go look at the erosion?? We got out of the car and I kept trying to tie my trench coat and he kept grabbing my hand. I remember saying “Aw the place we will get married one day” and him saying “Yea we will really need to figure out how to get a permit” as he was trying to find a spot without any snow which I thought was so nice since I was wearing mules but I kept saying it’s ok don’t worry about me. He then said something that he always says: “Do you trust me” and that’s when I knew, I turned around and he was on one knee and we both just cried and I kept saying “what???? what?? what??” like a broken record. We keep laughing since he technically didn’t even ask me to marry him since we both were crying and he could barely get anything out but it was our moment together and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

After hugging one another and Jimmie giving on-lookers the thumbs up, we started walking towards the car and I asked if we still were going to dinner. He said yes and asked if we could wait to tell people and have just an hour to ourselves. I swallowed all my desires to call my mom and family and said ok. We drove the two minutes to the restaurant and Jimmie went the longest way possible and parked as far away as possible. When we walked into the restaurant he said “we’re sitting at the chef’s…” and before he could get the word “table” out they said “Oh yes yes right this way…” and we walked around the corner and our parents and his sister and brother in law were all there to greet us. I cried…again.

We had the best three-hour dinner and just enjoyed ourselves as a FAMILY (I was in a complete daze still thinking it was all fake and don’t think I had more than one bite of food). After dinner, we headed to Jimmie’s grandparents’ house and were welcomed with the warmest hugs and “we knew, we knew!”. We got back to our home and snuggled with Bodie around 11:00 and finished calling friends around 12:00. Jimmie fell fast asleep and I am still running on zero hours of sleep but that’s ok because this is the best feeling ever and I have the most amazing man to spend my future with.