Katherine and Jamey

How We Met

Jamey and I met while working at a grocery store, Publix. I was a cashier and he was a bagger. It definitely was not love at first sight, no sparks, but we had a similar sense of humor! About a year or so later, Jamey and I reconnected on Facebook, aka he slid into my DMs, and he asked to go out for coffee. Coffee turned into a dinner date to get sushi! We quickly hit it off and one date led to another to another!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Saint Augustine, Florida

How They Asked

We went to Saint Augustine, which isn’t far from where we live in Jacksonville. I had put two and two together that he was going to propose because my best friend, and matron of honor, asked to get our nails done together. We never get our nails done! I guess it was a good thing I had a heads-up so I knew to get all dolled up. Sure enough, I spotted the photographers, who are friends with Jamey.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Saint Augustine, Florida

Jamey took me up to the gazebo in the square where during the holiday season, there are a bunch of lights in the trees. Jamey got down on one knee, giggled a lot, cried a little, and I said YES! We then took our engagement photos, FaceTimed my parents and closest friends, and had dinner at PizzAlley’s-where Jamey told me he loved me in January 2017!

Special Thanks

The Capps
 | Photographer