Katherine and Erik

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How We Met

Erik and I met on a wedding planning weekend in Nantucket (go figure). Our respective best friends had named us Maid of Honor and Best Man and wanted us to meet before the big day. They graciously flew us up to Nantucket for a weekend full of cake tastings, florist meetings, stationary browsing and hair trials (all very exciting activities for the groom and best man). On the second night, we were playing cards when the soon-to-be bride and groom announced they were heading to bed. It was only 9:00 pm so Erik and I stayed up and chatted until 1:00 am. He asked for my number by saying he needed it to request a game of Trivia Crack and kept losing on purpose because we said we would go bed when he won a game. After that weekend, the texting and Trivia Crack continued and eventually I planned a trip to Annapolis, where he was finishing his senior year at the Naval Academy. The bride also lived there so I tried to play it off like I was just visiting her but really, I was trying to figure out if this crush was real. It was. By the time their wedding came around we were exclusively boyfriend & girlfriend and had the best time dancing the night away.

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how they asked

Erik had told me since early on in our relationship that he had a place picked out to propose to his future wife. I always thought it would be in Iowa (where he’s from) but it ended up being in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where we just happened to plan a summer trip. He had been ten years previously with his family and fell in love with the place. We had our entire itinerary set – horseback riding, hiking, white water rafting, and tickets to the rodeo. On the second day of our trip we headed to Phelps Lake for an early morning hike. The trail leads you up a mile to the lake lookout and then two miles down to the lake where there is a giant rock to jump off. One mile in and I thought it was the most stunning place I’ve ever visited. It only got better from there. We arrived at the rock and determined that it was way too cold to jump in but we’d take a couple pictures and hang out for a bit. Erik climbed down to put his backpack down (claiming he didn’t want it in the pictures) while I waited up top. I did notice he was taking his sweet time but I just kept taking pictures and went to go sit down on the rock. He grabbed my hand to stop me and said “wait, I need to ask you something.” He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! It was a very obvious, very easy yes.

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The hike back was pretty much a blur. I kept stopping every five feet to look at my ring in the sunlight. He explained to me that on his trip to Jackson Hole ten years ago he told his family while on the rock that this is where he’d propose to his future wife – and he did! We saw tons of hikers coming down while we were going up and were so grateful that we had our moment on the rock by ourselves. Erik convinced me that he had asked the hotel to have champagne waiting in the restaurant so we headed to the lobby instead of our room on the way back. I was still in shock when we arrived at the hotel. My emotions were setting in and I was accepting that I was going to marry my best friend – such a surreal, incredible feeling. As the happy tears started welling up in my eyes, we entered the lobby and I heard CHEERS and looked up to see our families there (cue happy tears turning to sobs)!!!! Erik had arranged for them to fly in and celebrate with us. The cherry on top of the absolutely perfect day.

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We did have that champagne Erik promised me, but instead of being shared between just the two of us, it was shared with our most favorite people.

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We then changed and headed up to the top of the mountain to take a few more pictures before an amazing celebratory dinner.

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