Katherine and Eric's "Up"-Themed Proposal

How We Met

My name is Eric Dutze and my soon-to-be wife is Katherine Rowen. We have been dating for over seven years and are both nurses at a hospital in McKinney, TX. Our favorite movie is Pixar’s UP and I wanted to ask her to marry me with the movie in mind.

We met in high school when we were both sixteen. It was about 10pm on a weekend night and my friend Daniel and I didn’t want to go home just yet. We went to a friend’s house when I saw her sitting on the couch and right then I knew I had to ask her out. The rest is history really. We hung out with the same group of friends several times going to movies, football games, etc. Then when I finally got the guts to tell her I liked her she responded that she liked me too. We continued to date through high school and college where we both got our bachelor’s in nursing and are now living back in our hometown of McKinney.

how they asked

On August 1st 2015, we both got off work at 7am after working the night shift and I told her we were going to a friend’s house to pick up something. Instead, I took her to a small pier overlooking a beautiful lake, still as glass and mirroring the morning sun. Our families were waiting at a gazebo behind the pier and attached to the pier right above the water were hundreds of different colored balloons. Beneath the balloons were red and white roses, hundreds of pedals, and a replica of the “My Adventure Book” from the movie. We sat down and opened the book to look through a scrapbook of the best moments of our relationship that I had been creating over the previous months. We then set the book down and watched a compilation of home videos we had taken over the years.

Then the big moment! I got down on one knee, told her how much I love her and how important she is to me, and asked her to be my wife. She said yes! We then proceeded to cut the balloons and watch them fly off into the morning sky.

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