Katherine and Derek

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How We Met

Derek and I met when we were 5 years old – on the kindergarten basketball team. We lost touch for a few years as we went to separate elementary schools, but became friends in middle school when we were a part of the same friend group. The summer between 9th and 10th grade, we went on our first date to the mall to get ice cream where he asked me to be his girlfriend. We were inseparable through high school. We went to every school dance, each other’s sporting events, shared a locker, and took as many classes together as possible.

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When I was 15 and he was 16, we agreed that we would get married after college (even that seemed like eons away). During senior year of high school we decided to go to college at rival schools that were 2 hours away from each other – I went to Indiana University and Derek went to Purdue University. The distance did not scare us and although we sparingly saw each other in person during those 4 years, we saw each other daily on ‘Skype dates.’ He proposed to me during our junior year of college and we spent 20 months planning our perfect rustic wedding. One month after graduation on June 24, 2017, we were married.

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how they asked

It was Thursday October 8, 2015 – a perfect Fall day in Indiana. I did not have classes on Fridays and this was my Fall break so I was planning to head up to Purdue as soon as I was done with class. My friend, Mark, told me that morning that he wanted to take pictures of me for one of his classes later that afternoon (he had taken pictures of me before so this was not out of the ordinary). I told him no because I was so excited to go visit Derek. He insisted and kept begging and Derek told me to go ahead and take the pictures with him because we could wait a few more hours to see each other – but let me tell you, I was not happy about it! My last class got out early and I was so excited because that meant I could take the pictures sooner than expected.

Little did I know, this was stressing Derek out as he was speeding the entire 2-hour drive from Purdue to IU and could not afford for my class to get out as early as it did. He told Mark to stall me, so Mark made me shower, do my hair and makeup, and put on a nice dress. By the time I was done getting ready, I was ready to get the pictures over with. Mark told me that he wanted to take pictures on the other side of campus (about a 20 minute walk), and I told him that we were going to take the bus there. He said no because he was still stalling me, but that only made me more frustrated. We walked slowly, taking random pictures along the way.

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We stopped in the Rose Well House on campus which is where my parents were engaged when they attended Indiana University. He continued to take pictures of me inside of the Well House, but in the background you can see Derek approaching the Well House. When Derek came around the corner my jaw dropped. I 100% thought that he was still 2 hours away, but here he was, all dressed up.

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I immediately realized what was happening and kept saying, “Oh my goodness is this really happening?” Derek asked me to stand up so he could propose to me, got down on one knee, and asked me to be his forever.

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We then took a bunch of pictures around campus and we are forever grateful to Mark for dealing with me that day!

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Special Thanks

Mark Tague
 | Photographer
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