Katherine and David

How We Met

Every fifth grader at Corkscrew Elementary in Naples, Florida looked forward to Friday afternoons when music would be played during the lunch hour. Little did I know that on a particular Friday I would see a boy with spiky hair dancing the worm to “Peanut Butter and Jelly Time” who would forever catch my eye. Word got around that I had a crush on this boy named David, who had just moved to Naples from Miami like me. We dated for a few weeks and we were even each other’s first kiss. But we were just kids and after a while, we went our separate ways.

While we went to the same school, we never had a class together or spoke again until high school. It was the junior year of high school during lunch hour (again) when I saw him playing with a yo-yo nearby and I knew I had to talk to him again. It didn’t take long before we were dating, and it felt like we were 10 years old all over again. This time, the difference was that we would grow together, learn together and become an unbreakable force.

how they asked

Seven years later, David and I decided to take a trip to Rome to celebrate our love. As we approached the Trevi Fountain, he asked a friend to take our picture as we threw a coin in the fountain. That’s when he got down on one knee and asked me to be forever his! Of course, the answer was, “Yes! Yes! Yes!”

As if the moment wasn’t already that of a fairytale, he surprised me with three photographers who followed us around the rest of the day to take engagement pictures. The entire trip felt like a beautiful dream and I’m still so overwhelmed with happiness and excitement because I get to marry my best friend and first love! Yay! How did I get so lucky?