Katherine and Christian

how we met

Our first date began like many others….nerves, anticipation, and excitement about the possibilities. What we didn’t know is that this date would be our last first date. We met for a mid afternoon wine tasting at a local vineyard and shared in our love for wine and good conversation. From that day forward we’ve made it a tradition that every glass of wine we have, we cheers. It’s our little way of reminding ourselves of our beginning. It was only fitting that our engagement happened around the same theme.


how they asked

We went to a beautiful dinner in Newport and right after we clinked those glasses, Chris proposed. It was such a magical moment for both of us.

We immediately began wedding planning as we are extremely excited to have forever together. One thing we weren’t willing to sacrifice on was photography. We found Ali through a college classmate and after seeing her work, we knew she was the photographer for us. Our engagement session took place in Newport on a chilly November day. Ali made the entire process easy and comfortable from the start. The session was fun, intimate, and truly wonderful. We will forever cherish the memories we have from that day.


Special Thanks

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