Katherine and Cameron

Engagement Proposal Ideas in The Birmingham Museum of Art

How We Met

We met April Fool’s Day of our freshman year in college. We were in two classes together at the time but had never had the chance to talk to each other. I do remember telling my roommate the first day of classes about the cute boy in my English class though. Quickly after our brief meeting in a friend’s dorm in April, we started running into each other all of the time, and we became fast friends. I made an excuse to study for an upcoming final in our sociology class, and I now credit myself for helping him pass the class. During summer break that year we talked (read: texted or Snapchatted) every single day. I knew that I had a crush on him but I wasn’t ready to get into a relationship. For the next few months, we kept growing closer to each other, and soon he felt like my best friend. By December of 2015, I finally decided that I was ready and basically all but told him that we were going to start dating.

How They Asked

On March 30th, nearly 4 years after we first met, Cameron proposed to me at the Birmingham Museum of Art (one of my favorite places in the city). I knew the proposal was coming, and I even picked out the ring a month before. We’ve also never been good at keeping secrets from each other, and he accidentally told me that he was proposing the last weekend in March weeks before it actually happened. That didn’t stop the proposal from being any less special. One of my best friends came over to my apartment and psyched me up while I got ready and then drove me to the “secret proposal location,” and Cameron was waiting for me outside of the museum.

Where to Propose in The Birmingham Museum of Art

One big surprise from our proposal day is that there had been miscommunication amongst the staff and Cameron found out (very last minute) that he couldn’t propose to me in my favorite gallery like he had been planning. So instead he had to stall while my friend got our photographer in place.

I could tell that something was wrong because he was speed walking through the museum without saying a word to me or looking at a painting. Finally, he led me down the stairs to the garden and I noticed my friend sprinting behind a wall to try and hide. It helped us laugh out the nerves and the rest of the proposal felt fun and easy, and exactly how I always imagined it would be. It was the best day I could have imagined, and he managed to surprise me a little bit, even if he didn’t plan to.

Special Thanks

Aaron Beane
 | Photographer