Katherine and Bronson

how they asked: He got Disneyland tickets for our anniversary gift because Disney is my favorite place to be, and we invited about 10 of our friends to go with us that day. He kept saying we can do anything I wanted all day but wanted to make it to the World of Color, which is where he asked me to be his girlfriend. Since we had such a large group it was difficult to gather everyone and get there on time.

Some of our friends didn’t have the fast passes to our viewing section so we had to get permission for everyone to get in from a cast member but by the time we got there we had to stand all the way in the back by the ropes. Unfortunately, I’m rather short and couldn’t see the show. So my boyfriend had to put me on his shoulders. He stood with me on his shoulders for almost the entire show.

Towards the end he had to put me down, but I just thought he was getting tired. He then tapped on my shoulders to tell me he had to ask me a question. I turned around and he was on one knee in the crowd with a light up box and a glowing diamond ring. Immediately came the water works and I became speechless. I put out my hand for the ring and he had to ask me if “that was a yes”.

Image 1 of Katherine and Bronson

Of course it was a yes!! My girlfriends didn’t even know what was going on so they broke down crying too, but apparently all of the guys were aware! It happened at the perfect time. The show was ending and the crowd turned around to see him on one knee. We got a huge round of applause and screaming crowd for our own “Disney show”. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect proposal!

Image 2 of Katherine and Bronson