Katherine and Bradley

How We Met

On an early Saturday morning in November of 2012, Katie received a text from one of her volleyball teammates telling her to hurry and come to PetSmart with the promise of “cute dogs and a cute boy.” Her volleyball team at Angelo State University was participating in an adoption event at PetSmart in San Angelo, and Katie’s shift wasn’t until later in the day. The “cute dogs and cute boy” seemed enticing enough to come to PetSmart early! Bradley and Katie spent the day getting to know each other while walking around PetSmart with their adoption event dogs. Anyone that knows Katie well knows how much she loves dogs, so this particular Saturday turned out to be pretty great! After exchanging numbers, they spent a lot of time together, discovering their mutual love for dogs, chocolate chip cookies and beer. The rest is history!

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how they asked

Bradley and I moved to San Antonio to pursue careers in 2016 after graduating from Angelo State University. On December 23rd 2017, Bradley and I attended the Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert in San Antonio. I thought something might happen that night. After voicing that to Bradley, he assured me that it wasn’t happening this weekend, but that he was planning something in the next few months. The next day, Christmas Eve, Bradley, Brody, Gus and I headed to PetSmart in San Antonio while on our way to my mom’s house for Christmas Eve festivities. Little did I know that it was all a trick! Once we arrived at PetSmart, we hunted down the items we came in for (what were they? I have no idea anymore!). We heard an overhead page saying, “Katie and Brad to the dog play area.” I laughed, thinking there was someone else in PetSmart with our same names. When we didn’t make it to the play area quickly enough, the overhead page repeated. I was so confused, but still didn’t suspect anything! Eventually we made it to the correct part of the store, but there was no one there to meet at the play area. I looked around and caught a glimpse of the fluffy brown tail of my mom’s dog at the end of an aisle. I thought I had figured out who the mysterious overhead page prankster was – my mom and brother! As I walked up to them to greet them and tell them hi, I noticed my mom was holding flowers. I thought they were for later at Christmas Eve. Nope, I still did not suspect anything! When I turned around to laugh with Bradley about the funny coincidence with my mom and brother being there, I noticed he was down on one knee. After saying super sweet words (that I honestly can’t even remember), he asked me the question I had been waiting for! I couldn’t say “YES” fast enough, surrounded by my family and dogs! (Update: we are getting married on December 1st 2018 and yes, dogs will be involved! My dog is the ring bearer!)

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