Katherine and Austin

How We Met

I met Austin through my best friend, Kelsie, who is his cousin. Austin moved into town my sophomore year of high school and we became quickly aquatinted. We were never more than friends, but did partake in some flirtatious behavior throughout the years, yet we were always in another relationship. Three years ago Kelsie asked if I would like to be her roommate along with Austin. I wasn’t so sure about the arrangement, but decided to see Austin again after two years of not seeing him. We immediately kicked it off and after an unofficially date of a movie and a six hour conversation in the car, we knew that we had a connection. We decided against becoming roommates, but thankfully instead started dating.

how they asked

Austin enlisted in the military in January 2015. It was an emotional time for the both of us, but one thing I wanted before he left was professional pictures taken of us. This was the first time to have pictures taken of us and I was beyond excited for them and noticed how Austin was so excited as well. During the shoot he kept doing weird movements with his hands and at one point I even asked him to stop! (LOL) I became distracted during the shoot and when I turned around there he was on one knee! Austin had tears in his eyes as he told me how I deserved this special day and how he would love to spend his life with me. The rest of shoot I cried with happiness and it is evident in many photos! Turns out he was fidgeting his hands because he had my ring in them the whole time! To top it off our photographer didn’t know he was going to propose as well so she was just as surprised as well!

Image 1 of Katherine and Austin

Image 2 of Katherine and Austin

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