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how they asked

I used to do part time modeling for a company that makes collegiate gear in Baton Rouge. Every few weeks, the company asks me to go to Baton Rouge to do photoshoots of the new clothing. On Monday of last week, I was asked to do a shoot the following Sunday around campus and to come in full hair and makeup. Since we usually did the shoots on Sunday, I thought nothing of it. I asked my boyfriend Andrew to join me, knowing that he would probably want to hang out with his old friends from college while we were in town. As we pulled up to campus, I texted the photographer and let her know that I had made it but we had gotten there a few minutes early, so Andrew asked if I wanted to walk around campus while waiting for her since it was such a beautiful day. We walked right up to the Mike the Tiger statue and Andrew said that there wasn’t going to be a photoshoot today. He took me to the spot where we met three and a half years ago and asked me to marry him! He even had a photographer sneak pictures of the whole thing. He made it the most perfect day.

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