Katherine and Andrew

Proposal Ideas Andrew's Cottage on Stoney Lake in Ontario, Canada

How We Met

Andrew and I met 6 1/2 years ago at a mutual friend’s New Year’s Eve Party. (That friend, Miss Lindy Sisson, who’s just been wed herself, was actually was present for the proposal – which is just so darn cute!) We started chatting and we hit it off right away. I was immediately taken with him, but he took a bit longer to really notice how much he liked me! We swapped phone numbers and started talking on the phone most evenings for hours on end. We Skype chatted while watching movies or playing chess… and finally in April of that year, Andrew asked me out!

We bonded over the shared experience of having the first serious relationship of our lives, long distance. It was hard to see each other every week, let alone every other week or every few weeks. He was going to Trent University in Peterborough and I was in Toronto at Glendon College, part of York University. We did manage to make it work, but it took a turn when I moved to Paris for University in my third year.

Having a long distance relationship in the same country can be hard, and it was. But nothing was quite like being on two different continents in two different time zones. We had to make an extra effort. But when I was finished my exams in May, Andrew flew over to meet me and we travelled together throughout France, and then to England, Italy and Germany.

After our graduation, we decided we both needed to live abroad – together! We moved to England so Andrew could help his cousin Guy and wife Sho Guang with their new business – Frozen Yogurt! I got a teaching job and Andrew worked in the shop and we were off! We had an amazing year that year. We bonded as a couple and as individuals working full time. We made friends with the British folks we lived with (actually mostly Canadians) Ciara, Liam and Luke – SHOUT OUT! We cooked together and managed money and went on little vacations around Europe – Edinburgh, Cornwall… We talked about getting engaged, and even looked at and tried on a few rings!! But with Andrew wanting to go back to school when we got home to Canada eventually, and me having no idea of what kind of job I would get in Canada, we decided that the timing was not right.

Katherine's Proposal in Andrew's Cottage on Stoney Lake in Ontario, Canada

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Andrew's Cottage on Stoney Lake in Ontario, Canada

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Andrew's Cottage on Stoney Lake in Ontario, Canada

how they asked

So! We’d both been living in England for about a year when we realised that we as much as we loved England, we also really missed home. We decided that one year was enough and made plans to move back to Canada. I left first, at the end of July, to make it to my cousin Kyle’s wedding to Dana. It was at that wedding that I caught the bouquet! I thought it was truly a fabulous moment, and a lot of fun, but I knew that the tradition of being the next to get engaged would not pan out for me. I was wrong!

Andrew must have taken that bouquet toss as a sign of sorts, or he had just made up his mind to do it, because he actually purchased a ring in England before coming home! I had no idea why he was so nervous about coming back, or why he was nervous about flying. Turns out, the precious cargo was in his backpack the whole time! He was worried that he might loos it, or that I would go to unpack his things and find it accidentally! Luckily his backpack houses all his electronic equipment, so I stayed well away from it!

I found out why he was so nervous about coming home the weekend we had our annual cottage weekend with our friends and a few Brit/Canadians too (though weirdly, no Germans…). Andrew was not really going in the water, or tipping the paddle boat like he normally does, or playing board games… I just figured he was tired and jet lagged.

That Saturday however, when his poor step-brother Jake FINALLY showed up (late to Andrew with the plan, but on time for himself), Andrew got everybody together for a group shot. Little did I know that he had fixed it with Luke, our resident Brit and photographer, that he was going to film Andrew proposing! We grouped together, arms around each other, and waited for Luke to set the timer. We cheered him on as he ran over to make it into the shot on time. We took one picture that way, and so when Luke went back to fiddle with his camera, I just figured he was changing settings and looking at the light (which is obviously what photographers do).

When he announced he was not going to be in the next photo, we all protested and tried to convince him that just because he was the photographer, that did not mean he needed to be out of the photo. “Why could we not just do another timer set photo?” I wondered. Well, Andrew and Luke communicated with a series of “you ready?”‘s and “are you taking the picture now?”‘s while the rest of us just chatted and settled in to wait. When Andrew asked “are you going to be in this one?” and Luke said “nope”, that must have been the signal, because Andrew got down on one knee there in the middle of all our friends and pulled out a ring box, saying “Well, I actually have something for you…”. I took a second to catch up, and was actually the last one to figure out what was going on. Ciara and Rebekah noticed before me and Ciara (girlfriend of Luke) actually looked at him like “why did you not tell me about this?!”. When I clued in, I started crying, and joined the ladies in gasping and putting my hands over my mouth (universal symbol for OMG). He waited expectantly, until I said “Well, of course yes! But you haven’t asked me anything yet!”. He right away shot back “Would you like to marry me?” with a cute little hand to the hip movement. I said yes and cried some more and we kissed while our friends cheered and clapped around us.

Luckily Luke likes us, so he let us pose for a few proposal shots! (Love them and hugs to you Luke!)

I spent the rest of that weekend on cloud nine, smiling like a flight attendant and floating around dazedly instead of walking. My friends, (and especially Dustin!), made a big effort to point out the “blinding light” from my ring every so often, or grab my hand and stare whimsically at the lovely new accessory on my finger.

It was the perfect ending to the summer and I cannot thank my wonderful fiancé enough for making it so special (and my friends for being there to drizzle me with compliments and happiness!)!