Katharine and Charlie - A Sweet Home Alabama Proposal

How We Met; His version: Charlie first remembers seeing Katharine at a high school dance, but did not get the chance to meet her until some weeks later when his friend Elizabeth invited him to go see the movie Sweet Home Alabama. Charlie wasn’t too enthused about going until he heard Katharine would be there as well. He couldn’t miss out on a chance to talk to this pretty girl!

Her Version: She met Charlie, as she recalls at the lockers in eight grade, but really fell hard on one fine day in September 2002 when a crazy boy with dreams of attending USNA barged into her life – and at just 15 years of age she knew she’d met the man she’d marry…I guess he’d have to be a little crazy from the get go though, right?

how they asked: For our proposal, Charlie incorporated the movie we’d seen together – Sweet Home Alabama – as well as the adventure we will begin together through marriage, and the military. In the movie, the man Reese Witherspoon marries owns a lightning glass store, and they get engaged on the beach in Alabama. So Charlie made a treasure map which led me from our hotel out to that beach.

I rounded the corner to see an X in the sand made from sticks. Beneath the X, I dug to find a suitcase covered with places we plan to go in our future together and inside was sand with a lightning glass swan ring holder on top. I began to look in the sand around the swan when I heard Charlie ask “are you looking for something?”

I turned around to see him on one knee with the ring behind me! And after a girl who can’t stop talking, became speechless, and finally regained composure, I shouted yes!

Photos by Redstone Studios