Katharine and Brady

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How We Met

Brady and I matched on a dating app in 2018. I live in a border town in America and he lives on the parallel side of Canada. After talking for a bit, we decided to have our first date at the Richmond Night Market, where we got to know each other and share some yummy food. Since that first date, we’ve crossed the border too many times to count to spend evenings and weekends together cooking, hanging out with Brady’s kitties, and laughing at each other stupid jokes. When we had the time, we would even record a podcast together where I teach Brady about plants.

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The Canadian/American border closed in March of 2020 to stop the spread of COVID ’19. Each passing month It would be announced that the border would remain closed for another month. Eventually, we figured it out that there were two parallel roads running along the border and we were able to meet up at least once to just sit and talk to each other. Then the Peace Arch Park located between Blaine, Washington, and Surrey, BC opened to the public again and we were able to share our first hug in months, while we watched other couples and families reunite.

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How They Asked

We wanted to do something special for our two-year anniversary that was coming up on the 17th of August. At this point the border had been closed for 6 months, so we knew that the only way we could spend the day together is if we were at the park. So we started planning the perfect park date. We packed way too much food, dressed up a little bit, and decided to write out a letter to each other expressing what the past two years have meant to us. We got to the park in the late morning and set up a spot in a nice shady location by some beautiful flowers, and a small view of the water. We spent the first two hours just sitting together, talking, and sharing snacks. We felt so grateful just to be hanging out on a beautiful day together.

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After a while, I suggested that we read our letters to each other as I was so excited to share what I had written. Brady suggested that we go into the pathway because it was really pretty and it would be a really nice moment. We started out by me reading my very long wordy letter.

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We barely made it through without stopping for a good laugh and wiping our tears. And then it was Brady’s time to share what he had written. He’d gone into detail about the best parts of the last two years and how he knew we were going to be together for the long run.

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He turned his letter over and showed me a little folded tab at the bottom. He handed the letter to open the tab. At this moment I knew what was happening. Already crying, I opened the tab and it said “Will you marry me?” And Brady got down on one knee. It was almost impossible to stand up as I was so full of emotion. I barely remember saying yes through all the yelling of excitement. Then his brother popped out of the bushes and kept taking photos of us.

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It was the most amazing moment full of happiness and so much excitement. After collecting our composure, we walked around the park and took more photos together and spent the rest of the day giving each other googly eyes in the park. Since the border is still closed, at the end of the day we had to go back to our own homes.