Katerina and Paul's New Year's Eve Proposal

New Year's Eve Proposal (3)How we met: In January 2008, Katerina started a long-term co-op program at their work place, at the same time Paul was already a full-time employee there. Sounds scandalous already!!!

Initially, Paul and Katerina caught a glimpse of each other out at one of the happy hours. Katerina remembers seeing Paul walk in (fashionably late) and thinking to herself how there was something about him (maybe his good looks but not to put logs on fire) that just made her stare at him for a very long time. She knew she liked him. Paul remembers thinking that she was the most beautiful girl and by the end of the night he needs to figure out a way to talk to her.

Little did she know, Paul had already noticed her at work prior while she was violently beating other co-ops at a game of foosball before lunch. It was a tradition at their work place to “initiate” new interns through a professional game of foosball. Apparently, Katerina’s concentration on the game made her miss seeing her future husband walking behind her. At the happy hour, Paul did came up to her and introduced himself, they talked a bit and played a few bar games against each other with other mutual friends.

A couple of weeks later, they met again at the gym. And this is where it all started. The gym. Of course, where else. Katerina almost fell off the treadmill when somebody (she could see his face) walked by past her. The cutoff sleeves were a bit distracting, oh those guns. Then this mystery guy started doing bicep curls on a machine pretty far away. Katerina’s brain told her to spot running and go do some lat pulldowns.

This faithful day at their work place gym the mystery guy, which Katerina realized was Paul, had decided to test his luck by going up to Katerina and flexing his arm as he pointed to the right saying “Hey, do you know if the gym is that way?” Joking, that’s not what happened. Paul had actually gone up to Katerina and asked about her authentic looking soccer jersey she was wearing. Katerina, however thought Paul didn’t know what he was talking about and proceeded to tell Paul “No, this is a soccer jersey”. After Katerina had turned red in the face from embarrassing herself assuming that Paul didn’t know anything about soccer (mind you that he played for 9 years), they had a great flirting talk. Then Katerina decided that this one time, she actually needs to remember a name, so she clarified if his “last name is Newman?” and of course that was wrong too because she cannot remember names at all and she turned red again.

For the next few days, they started seeing each other around their work place gym more often (surprisingly Katerina started showing up at the gym more regularly). It wasn’t till a few days before Valentine’s day Paul had seen Katerina at the gym again and asked her jokingly if she will get him some flowers for Valentine’s Day. After a few laughs, they exchanged numbers and had decided to go on a date on Valentine’s Day.

The picture above is the first picture of them together on February 14, 2008 at the Little Saigon in St. Louis where Paul made reservation for their romantic candlelight dinner. Their date was magical. Katerina and Paul have been together, blissfully happy and in love since that day….

how they asked: Paul proposed as they counted down to New Year 2011! Katerina was completely surprised even though she was secretly hoping for it for a while (well maybe not that secretly) You would ask, how could she not have seen it coming since she obviously knew she was being recorded on video? Well, all the small events leading up to the event happened to fall right into place which helped Paul be very inconspicuous!

In an attempt at taking a picture of their New Year’s kiss a year before, Paul fortuitously let go of the camera resulting in their pictures being blurry (some amount of alcohol might have been involved). Both love taking pictures and documenting their adventures together.

Fast forward to December 31, 2010. Paul, Katerina and her parents went out to dinner at the restaurant where Paul and Katerina had their first date. As Paul later revealed he was entertaining the thought of proposing there but that was before Katerina invited her parents. After a great night laughing, we all parted to celebrate New Year’s with champagne at our places.

Back at the apartment, just the two of them, Paul asked if Katerina wanted to video tape the New Year’s countdown and a kiss this year and get the moment captured. Unassuming of the hidden agenda he had in his pocket, she was absolutely for it and did not even think twice. He was so casual! She thought it was a marvelous idea given the little fluke in the past year. It all made sense, it was all logical: lack of prior success at new year’s kiss picture, new camera for Christmas that they haven’t tried yet, plus New Year’s is her all time favorite holiday which would more than qualify it for camera time. She also thought that maybe just maybe he might propose during their Puerto Rico trip that was coming up in a couple of months and she thought that she would definitely see the signs when it was coming. Nope, he had completely blindsided her.

They counted down together and she was turning to give him a kiss only to see him on one knee with the most gorgeous ring asking her to marry him.

New Year's Eve Proposal (1)

New Year's Eve Proposal (2)

New Year's Eve Proposal (4)

New Year's Eve Proposal (5)

The rest is blurry. As evidenced in the video, she has been quite emotional and even more hysterical. Forgetting about the camera, forgetting about new year’s, it was the best moment that could not have been more perfect. And in the privacy of their own home (and not thinking about having the video hit on youtube), Katerina let go and in no time was jumping on the couch screaming improper words.

New Year's Eve Proposal (7)

New Year's Eve Proposal (8)

New Year's Eve Proposal (6)

For the next few days she was in a daze, skipping around and even having Paul catch her dancing in the kitchen instead of cooking him dinner. Needless to say she was very unproductive for the next few days and loved every moment of it.