Katelynn and Travis

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How We Met

Trav and I met in November of 2016. We met through friends and were just friends for a couple months. I have a 2 year old, Cash, from a previous relationship. Trav and Cash just clicked from day one. I had struggled being a single mom; I was working, raising a two year old, and just trying to keep it together. One day Travis went out of his way to make my day better. He brought me pizza and beer and we sat on my couch all night talking, he truly lifted my spirits. That’s when we had our first kiss, the chemistry was undeniable. We share similar family, relationship, and hustle values. Not to mention how well he and Cash got along. From then on, it was history. We spent every free moment together, growing closer and learning more about one another. We made it work; between work schedules, Cash, and living apart, we were crazy about one another. We had discussed the idea of making things more official but it was so soon. We thought we were crazy.

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how they asked

Then on April 23rd, a seemingly normal Sunday at Disneyland, we took our last evening ride on Pirates of the Caribbean. We exited the ride to the corridor of New Orleans Square. Travis really wanted to get our picture drawn into funny caricatures and insisted we do it right away. I was hesitant. The artists always draw people in the ugliest way and I was getting tired but Travis was adamant on it, so we sat down for our picture. The whole process was so awkward. A seemingly strange artist staring at you while he draws his rendition of you, weird! We spent the hour laughing at the awkwardness of the whole situation. (Trav thought I knew what was up as I laughed and looked at him with complete admiration) As the hour passed, Trav’s hands got clammier and clammier. I asked him if he was sick and he insisted he wasn’t. Then the drawing was complete. I thought, “Oh God, I need to prepare myself for this ugly masterpiece.” As I got up to look at the drawing I was shocked. Then I read the text bubble that said, “Will you marry me?” I turn around to find Travis and he’s down on one knee with the most beautiful ring I’ve ever seen.

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