Katelynn and Scott

How We Met

The story of fate & God making someone believe there is that ONE special person out there for you! Scott & I met on the stairs at Hopcat in Royal Oak, Michigan in June of 2017.

I was with my two best guy friends that evening & they wanted to continue our night out. I wasn’t really up for going to downtown royal oak because it is known for the youngin’s partying there & I can be more of an old soul. They ended up talking me into it checking out the new rooftop bar at Hopcat & the talk of crack-fries surely had me convinced. Who would have ever thought that I would be meeting not only my best friend but my future husband that night…I sure as heck did not!

We ended up having to wait in line on the indoor staircase for the bar. While waiting, two guys walked up behind us to wait in line as well. One was Scott! I remember to a ‘T’ looking down at him & thinking, A.) Wow, those are some dreamy eyes & B.) Why the heck is this dude wearing a suit to a chill bar?!- LOL! Totally unlike me, but I started to talk to this handsome fella. Scott was a little shy, and we didn’t talk for very long on the stairs. He was also super confused if one of those dudes I was with were possibly my boyfriend!

Fast forward a little bit- Now we are all up on the rooftop bar. My friends & I are enjoying drinks & getting pumped for our fries when something kinda comes over me. (I will blame all this on liquid courage because like I said, this is NOT like me at all!) I asked them if I should go get that guys number! They, of course, are the best wingmen & cheered me on. I strutted my stuff over to Scott, who was talking to another girl. No turning back now…I grabbed his arm & sarcastically said….”Why are you talking to her when you should be talking to me?!”…I a literally laughing while writing this because holy heck, I guess the bourbon gave me some serious balls that night!! LOL.

Anywho- he asked for my number shortly after that & we have not stopped talking ever since that night & he is officially the furdaddy to my furbabes. <3

How They Asked

The night of our engagement was also the night we were celebrating our Valentines Day together! I had planned to surprise him with our hotel & he was surprising me with dinner. Little did I know he had already known where we were staying & had planned this super detailed & thought out proposal!

We got to the hotel that night, all dolled up & ready to enjoy the evening! He did a great job of pretending he had no idea we were staying there & acted genuinely surprised! We got a free room upgrade, which I thought was because I had just recently posted a blog on my photography page of a shoot I had done there, but little did I know this was all part of Scott’s plan! We went up to our gorgeous vintage room & took in the city views, put our stuff down, then went out to the surprise dinner at She Wolf. As soon as we got there, I was feeling pretty sick. My stomach pains were bad & it affected the whole dinner. Scott was getting teary eyed & I couldn’t understand why my tummy ache was affecting him THAT much, lol! I remember saying, “Babe, it’s okay, it will get better once I lay down at the hotel, I am not dying!”, but little did I know, Scott was getting emotional because he was SO afraid he might have to cancel his proposal!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in The Siren Hotel, Detroit, MI

We finally get back to the hotel & I laid down for a bit. Scott insisted on having some bubbly that we brought & to take some pictures with my Polaroid camera. I almost changed out of our valentines day attire, but his suave moves with the pictures & bubbly had me sold (what girl doesn’t want to take photos & have champagne?!). This all definitely helped me feel a lot better!

While we were taking pictures I noticed a note had been slid under our door. It said, “Please join us in the lobby for complimentary drinks!” I thought this had to of been since they were in the middle of a soft open & were treating us extra special! Scott agreed we should go down & we were off.

Katelynn and Scott's Engagement in The Siren Hotel, Detroit, MI

We both headed to the front desk to ask about the champagne. They told us they would go get it & Scott said we should go wait by the beautiful marble staircase. As we were waiting, to my left & up the stairs was an old school phonebooth & the phone started to ring. I looked back at him puzzled & he goes, “Go answer the phone.”, I gave him the most confused look ever & kinda laughed it off saying, “No, I am not answering some random phone, you go answer it!”….

Wedding Proposal Ideas in The Siren Hotel, Detroit, MI

He then got a little stern with me as I took a step away & grabbed my arm saying, “Katelynn, go answer the phone.” ….SO, pretty confused, I went up the stairs & answered this phone. “Hello…?” I said….”Hi, Scott has a question to ask you!” said the lady on the phone.. I was still kind of confused but turned out of the phone booth to see Scott getting down on one on the top of the steps. I. WAS. SHOCKED. I remembered him first saying to me, “Do you see Jean, do you see Jean!?” & I couldn’t honestly see anything but him & didn’t have a clue what he meant, -LOL! After I shook my head, he then said this to me after a short pause to gather his thoughts…

“From the time I saw you standing on those stairs when I met you for the first time, to standing on these stairs today, to the rest of the steps we are going to take together for the rest of our lives, I know you are the girl I want to spend the rest of my life with. I never imagined I would be so lucky to find a girl like you. You’ve made me the happiest I’ve ever been and I can’t wait to go through our life’s adventures together. I love you. Katie, will you marry me?” ……. I said “Of Course”, tears in all & gave him the biggest hug!

As we walked down the steps I noticed Travis & then a lady takes off a wig & glasses & it’s Jean Smith!! Jean is a photographer who I had worked together with back when I use to model in 2010 & have been in touch through social media ever since. Scott knew how much photography meant to me, since I am a wedding photographer myself & made sure not only that one of the biggest times of our lives were captured but by someone whom I adored their work & them as friends as well!

Jean took us all around the beautiful Siren Hotel & snapped photos of us with our newly engaged blissful glows! I am SO grateful that Travis (her husband) was there as well to video graph it!

I couldn’t believe all the little details Scott had put into this. My sister had told him the hotel I had booked weeks ago & he has been in touch with them ever since. The day before he proposed, he even went at 4 am to the hotel & scoped out the location, took photos to help the photographers, and made sure everything was perfect. The hotel worked closely with Scott & treated so incredible the entire time!

We now are in the works of planning our South of France wedding & cannot wait to have a small intimate wedding with our closet friends & family!! I cannot WAIT to become Mrs. Diamond & spend the rest of our lives together!!

Our Video

Special Thanks

Jean Smith
 | Photographer
The Siren Hotel
 | Planning
Ashley Polidan
 | Coordinating the surprise