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How We Met

I am from Colombia and Katie is from upstate New York, we met more than three years ago while we were both training at a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Mixed Martial Arts Gym in NYC. We started as friends, and after a few months I gathered the courage and decided to ask her to go skydiving. We had had a conversation one night leaving the gym about how skydiving was something that we had both always wanted to do but we both wanted to go with someone we knew and could have fun with, but until now neither of us could convince other people we knew to go. After that conversation I made it my mission to find a place for us to go skydiving. Once I found a place we made the arrangements. I have always considered the skydiving our first date and we have had many people weigh in because Katie claims she did not even know that I liked her as more than a friend until after we were on the train home and I began to ask her all sorts of questions. Even once I had decided to formally invite her on a date for the following weekend Katie claims she still was not 100% sure I intended it as a date until the evening started.

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The moment I knew I loved her… Several moths had passed since we started dating exclusively. One Friday evening after work and school Katie invited me to come to her apartment to hangout which was typical for us at that point. When I got to her place she greeted me at the door with a smile and kiss. Before hearing her say those words I knew I really liked this girl but in that moment in seeing her face and the nervous shyness in her eyes and hearing how she cared for me I knew that I loved her too and wanted to be able to give her that world right back.

We are now coming up on our third-year anniversary of jumping out of the plane together and our first year of fully living together. We are truly happy in our relationship, with the home we have built, and in the careers that we help support each other in. As a couple who has been together almost three years we have had our ups and downs, but these past three years have been an amazing journey with lots of love and support which I want to continue with Katie long into a future that we continue to build together.

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how they asked

It looked to me like we were in for a dripping wet day of trying to help and watch my mom “stalk” runners in Central Park. The way she put it, she hoped to meet one of the ones from the runners’ books and magazines that she reads. Therefore, the morning of May 19, started out with me making fun of my mom saying we would be running around Central Park like on a safari. My mom is just that funny about her hobbies that she had me easily convinced that that is what she wanted to do, see a few parts of Central Park and “stalk” runners.

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Unknown to me however, Omar and my mom had been in cahoots for a week to get me to Bethesda Fountain in Central Park by 10am. Omar even went old school and called my dad for his blessing days before. We get to the park that has been made damp by the rain that has been coming down since early morning. Omar is navigating our way to Bethesda Fountain because mom and her wife (whom we call momish) want to see that before “stalking” the runners. On the way their we passed a memorial group gathered and under the cover near Bethesda fountain there were several groups and lots of people taking a brief break from the rain which is what I thought we were doing when we walked under the shelter. I’m talking to my mom when Omar tells me to come here and starts pulling me toward one of the small crowds that were under the shelter.

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I heard some music but was not listening for it as he is pulling me closer and closer I am asking what is so interesting about the memorial service, that I think may be going on. But then I see the “Marry Me” sign and the rose petals and as I’m saying “haha funny” thinking he’s making a joke because someone else is getting engaged he keeps pulling me to the center of the heart and pulls out the ring box.

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The first words out of my mouth were not yes, they were “seriously, is this for real, you are serious?” he responded, “yes it’s real” and I leaned in and kissed him. I was shaking so much from the overwhelming joy and excitement of such a complete surprise. The moment I realized he was really proposing the crowed of people faded away and it truly felt as though time slowed down.

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I was never one of those little girls who planned out her dream wedding or thought about how she would like to be proposed to. Omar and I took a more financially practical approach knowing that marriage was the direction we saw our future heading, so we decided to design the rings together, so I knew to expect a proposal most likely sometime this summer, but I never had any notion that he was doing it May 19th. It was beyond any proposal that I could have ever dreamed of and it was made so much more special by having my mom and momish there and all the people from 007 proposals and the Times Magazine to help capture the moment on film for us. It was a proposal from the movies.

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Special Thanks

Vlad Leto
 | Photographer
Tatiana Caicedo
 | Proposal Planner