Katelynn and Hunter

How We Met

It was December of 2015. I had just moved to Ridgecrest from Saint Louis. One of our mutual friends, Jessica Hodge, invited me to Katie’s Christmas party at the last minute. Not having any plans I figured it would do me some good to go out and socialize a bit instead of spending another Friday night playing video games and watching Youtube videos. Little did I know that I would meet the one who would change my life forever.

I was very shy and not great at meeting new people but Katie and I started to develop a close relationship right away. It wasn’t long before we were hanging out more frequently, with other friends at first. Then on a ski trip to Mammoth Mountain, we decided to make it official. From that moment on you could say that the rest was history!

How They Asked

It all started about a year and a half ago when my boyfriend decided he wanted to do the Dopey Challenge. What is the Dopey challenge you ask? Well, it’s a trip to Disneyworld where the “Dope” completes a 5K on Thursday, 10K on Friday, a half marathon on Saturday, and a full marathon on Sunday AKA 48.6 miles… aptly named the dopey challenge don’t you think? Anyway, we had been planning this vacation for over a year (apparently he decided this was also when he was going to ask me). I signed up to run the 5K because I like 5Ks and I’m not completely crazy. Remember these races are all in the morning before the parks even open… we still had all day at a park to look forward to after each race. So on Sunday after he finished his marathon (his first marathon ever). We went to brunch and I had an appointment for an adult princess makeover.

I went for Ariel (she’s my favorite) in her pink dress. He went to shower and rest because we had fast passes for the Magic Kingdom. After my makeover, I met him back at the hotel and off the Magic Kingdom we went to. Our first fast pass was to go meet Ariel at her castle. Like I said she’s my favorite and the only character I really wanted to see. Well we go in to talk and take pictures, she likes my dress and hair and I get to take pictures with her.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Walt Disney World

Once we’re done Hunter asked the photo pass person if we can do one more picture. He puts his hand in his pocket and gets down on one knee. He says how he knows how much I love Ariel, that I’m his Ariel, that he loves me and will I marry him. I’m balling and can’t speak so I nod and he puts the ring on. The people waiting behind us are cheering like crazy and Ariel asks to see my ring. We ooh and ahh and she gives him a high five. It was so perfect that after running all those miles and planning this fantastic vacation he proposed in front of my favorite princess at the most magical place on earth.

Proposal Ideas Walt Disney World