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How We Met

I love telling this story! Dom was a friend of my sister and brother-in-law for 2 years before we met. I was off in Arizona for college and never met him when I came back to California. After 2 years, I just got back from a summer trip and I called my sister to see what she was doing. I wanted to hang out with them as I hadn’t seen them in a while. She informed me she was going to dinner with friends and said I could join. Unknowingly that night I would meet Domm. That night I didn’t think anything of it. It was not love at first sight, but what I did notice on how intentional he was in including me and getting to know me. I saw him a few more times throughout the summer in a group setting before I headed back to school. A few months later, Domm hit me up that he was touring with Common Kings and they are going to be in Arizona.

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He asked if I wanted to go and bring a friend! I hit up my sister and let her know the situation as I was a bit nervous. While I was Facetiming her, my nephew Wesley (3 years old) told me that he loved Domm more. This led to a group text of my sister, Dom, and me. I was basically being roasted. If you knew mine and Wesley’s relationship, we have been best friends since he was born, so yes I was a little hurt that a stranger was able to spend more time with him. lol ANYWAYS… I ended up going to the Common Kings show! I texted him after when I got home and then a week later I was back in California for my great grandma’s 90th birthday party! It was that weekend where he joined our family gatherings and when I went back to school we talked every single night for 4+ hours. (your phone automatically hangs up after 4 hours of talking, we discovered that). It was truly a special time to get to know each other since we were forced to talk being 300+ miles away. I graduated early that semester and when I got home he asked me to be his girlfriend! The rest is history!

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How They Asked

I HAD NO IDEA IT WAS COMING! and I pride myself on putting clues together and figuring out things easily! At the beginning of 2020, Domm and I had started a youtube channel. As COVID hit we tried making multiple videos but ended up not posting any. It was about mid-end of 2020 and I told Domm that I wanted to get some professional pictures done since it was almost our 1 year anniversary, as well as I had the idea to hire a videographer while we were at it. I wanted to restart our youtube channel and a videographer would be great for an intro video. Domm hired a photographer and videographer (I trust him more with this than myself because he is a videographer). He told me his two friends from when he went to school were going to hook us up and be our videographer and photographer. So Domm tells me a date and we book it around October.

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Fast forward… to Thanksgiving. Everyone person in the family is asking when Domm and I are getting married. Dom and I had countless talks that it would not be this year as he just sold his car and bought a new apartment. He told me he needed some more time to talk to my dad and get in a good rhythm again. I was completely fooled, therefore, I told all my family members probably the end of next year. They were all suspicious because Domm and I were headed to Mexico the next day for vacation.

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While on vacation, we were missing his sister’s birthday. He told me when I get back, his sister really wants me to go out and get our nails done together. I was like definitely! I love his sister and wanted to spend time with her, even if I just got my nails done.

When we get back from vacation it is only 10 days until our photoshoot. I have my nail appointment booked with his sister, everything is going well. I still have no idea.

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A few days before I am helping my mom decorate her house for Christmas when my sister calls. My mom answers on her watch while she is scrambling to find her phone. I am sitting on the floor decorating one of the trees with my brother when I hear my sister say on the phone “what are the plans for this Saturday?” My mom rushes upstairs in a hurry and I hear her whisper “she is right here.” I was so confused at the moment.

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Later that day I go to hang out with Domm, I told him about the interaction with my mom and sister. It was bothering me because I dislike when I am told there will be a surprise, it basically ruins everything. However I was trying to think of what it was because nothing big was happening in my life, I graduated last year and already had a party, my birthday is in March. I had no other contending thoughts. Dom tells me, “Oh, if it is what I am thinking it must be what they told me they are getting you for Christmas. Give your family the benefit of the doubt.” I told him “yeah, you are right. I will just let it be.” Domm said, “You can call your sister and ask if it bothering you, might as well face the problem.” While we were in the car we called my sister. I told my sister I was with Domm and I overheard her talking to mom. She told me they were trying to figure out plans with mom and dad as well as get Christmas gifts in order. After the conversation, I just moved on.

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Friday before the photoshoot, Domm and I had no idea what we were going to wear. I told him I was just going to find something in my closet. He refused to let me wear what I already had since he told me he wants these pictures to look the best as he wanted to hang them in the apartment. Dom was so sweet and told me he would buy me a brand new outfit. That day we went to my favorite boutique in Huntington Beach, Stitch, and Feather. After we headed to the mall to find him an outfit. That definitely took longer than my stop. LOL. As we were walking out of the mall, we walked through Macy’s jewelry section. We had never looked at rings together before until then. I was trying to hint to him to pop the question. He didn’t seem as interested as I thought he would be. He asked me once about the shape and then we walked out. It was a total of maybe 2-5 minutes we were in there.

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It is Saturday, 12/1220. I am headed to the nail salon with Domm’s sister and his mom. They are being super sweet, per usual, and let me get their normal nail tech since it was my first time at their place! Once we finished up, we ran a few errands and headed back to Domm’s apartment. When we arrived, Domm had to give his mom something for his friend to pick up since we were going to be out on the photoshoot.

As I am walking by myself down the hallways in Domm’s apartment, all the clues of what my sister said, going shopping, getting my nails done, his mom being in a hurry, us going on a photoshoot all came to me. That was the very first time I thought about Domm proposing to me that day.

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As I started getting ready in his apartment, my mom and sister talked me into being out of the house since the nail salon was closer, I began looking to see if Domm was acting weird. I also began talking myself out of the idea of him proposing so I wouldn’t get my hopes up. I thought to myself, if it doesn’t happen today, I will tell him after the photo shoot as a funny story.

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I start to curl my hair and put on makeup. Dom is just admiring me doing this. I didn’t think that was out of the normal because I had never gotten ready with him before. He told me it was interesting watching me put my makeup on, which I agree with whenever I see girls put makeup on!

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We are getting ready to head out and I am looking to see if he is hiding anything, however, he puts everything in one bag then decides his other bag is better, and transfers everything into the other bag. I was like there is no way this guy is hiding a ring!

We stop at Del Taco on our way out, since I hadn’t eaten. He did not order anything because he said he had a big breakfast with a friend earlier (which in reality he was nervous about).

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We are heading up the mountain and I vlogged us answering questions and having fun in the car. As we are pulling into the spot, Domm tells me to film the view. The reason was, our friends who were setting everything up were driving the opposite way out of the parking lot.

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We pull in and meet up with the photographer and videographer. Domm introduces me to them and we start to play music to warm up. It was cold and I am always shy at first.

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We start shooting and filming a bit, then we get to this one spot…

Here is the good stuff!

The photographer tells Domm and me that he has a surprise for us. He said he does this for all his clients, however, he is going to need to blindfold us. He has Domm blindfold me and he “blindfolds” Dom. Dom searches for my hand, we hold hands and walk together. We are walking really slow since we are blindfolded. I began to think is this it??? And proceeded to talk me out of it because I thought Domm is also blindfolded and acted surprised, I didn’t ever see a ring box, he hasn’t been acting weird.

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We get to the spot where everything is set up. The photographer positions us to face each other. We are holding hands. The photographer tells us to separate hands because he wants to get photos of them before we take off our blindfold them he will tell us. As this is happening, Domm begins sharing how much he loves me and can’t wait to spend the rest of his life with me.

We are cued to take off our blindfolds and I immediately see Domm kneeling down on one knee with the ring box open. I didn’t even get to look at the ring because I instantly start crying. Dom tells me to soak at the moment, to look at all the details. As I am looking around, I couldn’t believe what was happening. Dom begins speaking to me again. To be honest I am not exactly sure what he said but I know it was sweet. He also does not recall what he said!

Dom then says “Katelynn Christine Wegrzyn, will you marry me?” Without hesitation, I said “YES!!” maybe more than once. LOL. He places the ring on my finger, we kiss and kiss again. We popped some champagne and enjoyed the moment!

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In the end, I figure out, Domm only knew the videographer. He never knew the photographer as a friend, he just really loved his work. Dom totally acted like they were best friends! Also came to find out that Domm was never actually blindfolded, he just pretended really well.

Dom also surprised me with all my friends, even from out of state, and family at my parents’ house. He blindfolded me walking into my house as he said an important person is coming, however, I would recognize their car so he is going to blindfold me. Once I took off my blindfold and saw everyone, I instantly cried AGAIN! It was the sweetest surprise.

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