Katelynn and Christopher's Snowy Proposal

Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 3.47.36 PMHow We Met: Christopher and I have known each other since we were kids, and I liked him the day that I met him, when I was a bright eyed eight year old. The school yard crush followed me through high school, wondering if he felt the same. It wasn’t until I was a junior, and he had already graduated that I found out he had felt the same way for awhile, and this crazy, wonderful journey began.

how they asked: Christopher and I love to go on adventures. The weekend after Thanksgiving we found ourselves with both time off school and work and decided to take advantage of the newly fallen snow a couple of hours away. After a day of exploring the historic downtown of Bend, we decided to go up Mount Bachelor. We found ourselves in a snow park full of kids on sleds, and wandered to a secluded trail that led into, what I will forever call it, “The Ultimate Winter Wonderland.”

The funny thing I have learned about Christopher is, he loves to take videos and pictures on our adventures. That is why I didn’t find it too questionable when he set his camera up to record a slow-mo of the snow falling off the tree as we shook it. (Yes I have a video, no I didn’t post it, some things are just too special.)

As snow fell all around us, he got down on one knee and an adorable speech came out and a promise of commitment that forever changed our lives. A dream I had since I was young was coming true. I couldn’t say yes enough.