Katelyn and Evan

How We Met
Our families go way back before google and paved roads. Evan grew up down the road from my father’s house, so after a minor mishap with a rouge cow, he and my father became friends. Evan and I met through him. I can’t say I remember the first time we were introduced, but I do remember the day everything changed. On a hot Tennessee fourth of July boat ride, Evan and I became friends. This wasn’t in the usual sense through common interests and a polite exchange of niceties. Rather, this was more of a friendly banter. After a few harmless insults, we were on our way to becoming life long partners in crime. Our first official date was at the YMCA camp where Evan worked. He took me horse back riding on July 10, 2009. It was on this fateful trail ride, which Evan and I had our first argument. We would argue whether or not this was a date. My favorite part of this entire date was when Evan lead us down by the lake into the sand. He then turned to me and said, “Don’t ever say I’m not a romantic. I took you horse back riding on the beach.” It was at this time when my horse decided to roll around in the sand…with me. What you have to understand about Evan and I is that we are best friends no matter what life throws at us.
how they asked
For our fourth anniversary I wanted to plan a special trip for Evan and I. It is our little tradition to go on some sort of adventure every year, and experience something new. After much searching, I found just what I was looking for, a road trip to Niagara Falls! We are both students, so being broke just comes with the territory. After a great deal of planning and prepping, I decided it would be cheaper to spend a weekend in the mountains, but Evan was persistentant in that we should stick to the plan. It was this persistence that lead us on the most exciting journey yet!

It was a littler after supper time when we reached the boarder. As we waited in line to drive through customs I noticed Evan was visibly anxious, but I just attributed this to being his first time out of the country. He would later tell me he was worried that we would be searched at customs, and it would ruin the surprise if they pulled out the ring. We drove over the bridge into Canada, and found ourselves in the midst (or mist I should say), of one of the most beautiful places in the world. After checking into our room, we went exploring for the first time! As we made our way down the hill toward the falls, we could see that they were illuminated with brilliant beams of light alternating between bold reds and soothing blues. It was a wonderful start to an amazing vacation.

The next day we woke up just in time to grab breakfast. Even though we were excited to explore Niagara, we were so tired from our drive (all the way from Tennessee), that we opted for a more leisurely pace. Back in our room Evan and I debated about what activities we should do first. He was so excited to go do the “touristy stuff,” but the problem with this is that you will get drenched. There is no maybe to it, you will come out soaked to the bone. I suggested we postpone these activities until the following afternoon, and we would just do them all at one time. He, however, was rather insistent that we go to the visitor center and do, “the journey behind the falls.” This is an opportunity to take underground tunnels one-third of the way behind the falls. The real treat is the platform at the base of horseshoe falls; it is here that you can really feel the power behind the beauty. So, unable to deny his enthusiasm, off we went! We paid our thirty dollars and impatiently stood in line, each of us for a different reason! As we waited they gave us a spiffy yellow trash bag…I mean poncho. After waiting our turn for what seemed like hours, Evan and I made our way through the tunnels to the two portals where you could see the water pouring down. I was content to watch it for a while, but Evan was in such a hurry to get onto the platform. He took my hand and we practically jogged to the entrance where there was a crowd of people. As we stood on the upper deck we tried to take pictures through the gusts of wind and the pelting mist. He drug me down to the bottom of the platform where we experienced a the mist pouring down on us, and the wind was thrashing our little ponchos every which way. As I stood there, feeling humbled by the power of the falls, I felt a pat on the back of my leg. As I turned around, I saw Evan down on one knee holding his great-grandmother’s ring. He asked me to marry him! I actually didn’t say yes right away, but rather I squealed (several octaves above normal), “Really?!” I lunged at him, and as an after thought said, “Oh, by the way, yes! I know you can’t see it right now, but I am totally crying.” At that moment, despite the people looking, I felt like we were the only two people in the entire world. The next few days were completely happy and blissful. It was the perfect start to what I am sure will be an amazing marriage. Image 7 of Katelyn  and Evan Image 1 of Katelyn  and Evan Image 2 of Katelyn  and Evan Image 3 of Katelyn  and Evan Image 4 of Katelyn  and Evan Image 5 of Katelyn  and Evan Image 6 of Katelyn  and Evan