Katelyn and Steve

How We Met

Steve and I actually met online in September 2014. About a month after, we met in person and realized that we had so much in common. We both went to Michigan State University and graduated with a Bachelor’s and Master’s in Accounting, though we never ran into each other on campus. Between cheering for MSU sports, the common love of golfing and skiing, and the closeness we have with our friends and families we kind of realized we were meant to be more than just strangers who met online. A lot of our friends were surprised when we told them we had only been together for a year before we got engaged and that we met online, they thought based on the type of couple we were that we had been together for a long time.

how they asked

We got engaged on September 4, 2015 at Pictured Rocks in Munising, Michigan.

Steve had told me he wanted to go to Pictured Rocks in the Upper Peninsula for labor day because some of his friends had told him that it was a spectacular place to visit. He told me that we would be going on an 11 mile hike. For some this might sound like a crazy thing to do, but for Steve and I it was perfect. Half way through the hike I asked Steve if we were going to stop and take a break for lunch. Steve handed me a granola bar and said let’s go a little further before we stop. Even though I was tired, I pushed on because it seemed Steve had a place in mind that would be the perfect spot to stop for lunch.

Sure enough, the place Steve stopped at for lunch was breathtakingly beautiful. I got so excited I set down my hiking backpack and rushed out to the cliff’s edge to take in all my surroundings. Steve got nervous when I did this and asked me to step away from the cliff and go grab my camera so that we could take pictures. So, I ran back to get my camera and was just about to run out to that cliff when Steve grabbed my hand and as I turned around, I found him down on one knee. Steve asked me if I would be his Mrs. Beautiful – and of course I said….YES!

Image 1 of Katelyn and Steve

Image 2 of Katelyn and Steve