Katelyn and Scott

How We Met

Scott and I were on the same page before we even knew it. Neither of us cared for online dating but still decided to give it a shot. Till this day we are so happy we did. We both decided to give Bumble a shot. I saw his profile picture and giggled a little to myself and said well this is such an easy talking point (since the girl has to reach out first if we matched). Lucky for me, he matched with me and although I waited a couple of hours, I finally decided to message him to say how funny it was that we both chose for our main profile pictures, pictures of ourselves taken at the same winery.

Proposal Ideas Hardwick Winery

How They Asked

August 6th, 2018 came. We were staying at our friend’s cabin on the lake right down the road from our winery. It was our last day there and was also or friends birthday. We spent the day swimming and relaxing and decided to end the trip at the winery for what I thought was just a trip to celebrate the birthday boy. When we arrived at the winery we all had previously agreed we want to take pictures there. Scott and I had been to the winery a few times since we met but never took any photos so I was determined to get one after we parked. Scott however, had different plans. He convinced me to do it before we parked the car because of how hot it was and none of us wanted sweaty pictures.

Katelyn and Scott's Engagement in Hardwick Winery

Our friends tried to convince us to take pictures on each side of the Barrell with the wineries name pictured in our profile pictures. I told them I wanted us on the same side. We took some photos but Scott didn’t like them (now I know why). So I took his friends advice to stand on each side but again Scott had different plans. Before I knew it he was walking to my side, he grabbed my hands, started talking to me, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! Of course, I said yes! Here we are almost 1 year engaged and impatiently waiting for the next 9 months to get married!