Katelyn and Richard

How We Met

Richard and I met in our high school math class. My last name is Norris and Rich would tease me because of it. He would call me Chuck Norris (This was around the time Chuck Norris was becoming popular again). I would always try to ignore him but somehow he always got a rise out of me. One day in class it was a very exciting day. Our teacher was out sick and we had a good sub. One of our classmates was acting out making fun of people and not listening to the sub. Rich decided to confront him about it. One thing led to another and they were fighting in class. Rich won and was suspended. Usually girls would say it was a turn off but I grew up taking Karate. I was honestly impressed. After that he had my attention. Another time we planned on going snow tubing at night with friends. I was stuck at my Aunts house for my little cousins birthday. My parents told me I wasn’t allowed to go. It was too dangerous driving there. Of course being the 15 year old I was I flipped out on my parents ran out of the house without shoes or a jacket on. Needless to say I didn’t get very far. After that in school he would still flirt with me and I would still tease and reciprocate but we never dated. Until 2010 when we started talking again.

how they asked

On the tippy top of Smugglers Notch, the 3rd highest vertical drop in Vermont, is where Richard proposed to me. I was incredibly anxious from the ancient two seater lift that brought us up the mountain and the height of the mountain itself. He asked me “what was wrong?’ I said “I’m freaking out because of this lift”. He then said “Thats not all you will be freaking out about.” Finally when we got to the top of the mountain he cleverly told me that there is a great spot to look out. That I should take pictures of the beautiful scenery before we took our first run.

Image 1 of Katelyn and Richard

Image 2 of Katelyn and Richard

Image 3 of Katelyn and Richard

While taking my photos I heard in a soft voice behind me ‘babe?’. I turn around and there he was on bend and knee ring out! He asked “Will you marry me?”. After a few seconds of processing what was actually going on I of course said, “Yes!”. Looking at the ring I felt like I had seen it before. He then told me it was my great grandmothers engagement ring. I could not hold in my tears. It was the best and most unforgettable day of my life. Thank god for our amazing friends because they captured the moment for us perfectly!

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Special Thanks

Richard Wood
 | He planned it
Belinda Kotler
 | Took images
Kevin Miller
 | Took video