Katelyn and Ranger

Katelyn and Ranger's Engagement in The Magic Castle Los Angeles, Ca

How We Met

I had just moved to Nashville for my first job as a nurse. I had one of my best friends and her coworker come into town, and of course, they wanted to go to Broadway. I would have been fine just drinking some margaritas at a Mexican restaurant, but I thought why not just this once. When we get to our first bar the coworker decides to run off with the singer of the band. This caused my friend and I to have to bar hop till we find her. We end up finding her at a bar that was once called tequila cowboy. At this point, I’m tired and ready to go home. The coworker, on the other hand, is standing there with two guys and she wants to introduce me to them. I start talking to them when at some point one of the guys and I break off on our own. We are chatting for a while when I guess I say something sarcastically…..shocker and he was so surprised and amused that he spit his whole drink in my face. I must have really liked him already because I just bust out laughing. The night goes on and I end up meeting all his brothers and sisters because I come to find out it’s a family trip! When the night comes to a close we decide to meet for brunch the next day. I find out he lives in Boston so I think there is no way that after brunch I will see him again. That afternoon though he texts me asking if I’d like to go to dinner. We have dinner and end up staying up talking until his flight in the morning. I jokingly day so when are you going to book your next flight? My joke turned into reality when he booked a flight and flew down the next weekend. There have been many more flights since!!

How They Asked

My fiancé and I were going to be traveling for two weeks going to Los Angeles, Boston, Germany, Boston again, and DC. When in Los Angeles my brother and sister in law had talked about this place called The Magic Castle quite a bit. They did say though that you have to have an invite and reservations are also hard to get. The idea sounded great and Ranger and I were going to do whatever it took to get a reservation. Friday comes and we somehow get one late the next night. I am just excited about getting this experience little do I know Ranger is plotting something much bigger.

When it comes time for the Reservation we are seated in a beautiful booth with a curtain. After dinner, a magician comes to our table and asks if he can practice some magic tricks on us. We agree and asks for my help. He fans out $1,000 in hundreds. I am told to pick one and crumble it in my hand. He tells me to rub the top and what comes out of it is something for me. I keep rubbing it and all of a sudden the ring pops out of it. I am so surprised I never noticed Ranger get out of his seat and get on one knee right beside me. When he asked me to marry him it was the easiest yes I will ever say! The tears were definitely flowing!

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