Katelyn and Nathan

Image 1 of Katelyn and Nathan

Nathan and I met this past summer at a Deirks Bentley concert, us both being huge country music fans, which turned into practically spending everyday after together. This past December Nathan planned a weekend trip to New York City knowing I had been there the year before and loved it. We woke up really early Friday morning and went to The Today Show at Rockefeller Plaza. We only stayed for about an hour and then went and got breakfast and ate by the ice skating rink outside. We then walked around Rockefeller Plaza for a little and then he stopped and started telling me all these sweet thoughts about our relationship and why he loved me so much and then continued to get down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. It was the most perfect weekend and proposal I could have ever asked for.

Image 2 of Katelyn and Nathan

Image 3 of Katelyn and Nathan