Katelyn and Myles

Katelyn's Proposal in St. Mary’s Glacier in Colorado

How We Met

Myles and I met in 2012 after my roommate and I posted an ad for another housemate. We had a few people answer the ad but nobody clicked. Myles was the last to answer the ad and my roommate and I gushed over how cute he was, of course, we had to let him move in! He and I immediately started shamefully flirting and bonded immediately. After a few months of this, he asked me on a date. I felt so awkward about the situation, I mean, of course, I wanted to! But he was my roommate! What if things got awkward or did not go well? I pushed those thoughts aside and we had a fantastic first date. It wasn’t long of this we made things official. After a falling out with my first roommate, Myles and I decided to move into our own apartment. We adopted our precious dog, Athena and continued our studies at IUPUI. It was weird living together as a new couple but we made it work. Flash forward to 2016, Myles and I decided to purchase a home together and add two more beautiful dogs to the home; welcome home Apollo and Cross!

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Myles and I truly are best friends. He’s the person that always encourages me to do more. He helped me decide on going back to school to further my career. He puts up with my mood swings and bringing home stray dogs. He’s the wild one in the relationship and I’m the more reserved one, we really do even each other out. I couldn’t imagine life without him. We’ve now been together for 6 wonderful and chaotic years.

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how they asked

After 6 years, I was starting to get a little antsy about getting married. (Let’s be honest, I was antsy after a few years). Every vacation I was holding my breath hoping he would propose! Well this September, we decided to take a vacation to Colorado (our favorite place!) for a week of hiking and relaxing. Every trip we take, we try to plan one big day of hiking and the rest of the trip we do smaller hikes or other fun things like paddle boarding! This trip was no different, I let him pick the “big hike” we were going to take and he decided on St. Mary’s Glacier because of the beautiful scenery.

The Glacier was beautiful and the view was priceless. We brought along a tripod so we could take great selfies. The few times we stopped to take pictures, we had to keep retaking them because I found something wrong with almost every picture we took, haha. Once we made it to the top, Myles suggested we take a video instead of a picture we could “screenshot the best poses”. I thought nothing of it – in fact, I thought it was so smart!

Once we posed for the first shot, he started to position me for another pose and while I was fluffing my hair he was down on one knee! I couldn’t handle it, I dropped to my knees next to him. I thought it was fake! Once I realized this was real, I couldn’t stop crying. And then the ring! It was perfect. Everything was so perfect that I forgot to say “YES”!

It was the most perfect day ever.

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