Katelyn and Michael

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How We Met

Mike and I met at a college party in 2012. Mike was the host of the party and I was a designated driver for some of our mutual friends. We exchanged phone numbers that night and shortly after we began obsessively talking to each other.

How They Asked

Since Mike and I began dating in 2013 we have been casual obstacle course racers (OCR) – together we have completed multi-mile events like Spartan Races and Tough Mudders. In 2016 we began creating an OCR podcast, as a time capsule of all our muddy adventures together.

For about the last five years I have jokingly (but seriously) said to Mike “you better not propose to me at a race finish line” and he would respond with “the proposal is my big day, the wedding is (mostly) your big day”.

On Thursday, Mike drove up to Vermont to participate in the Obstacle Course Racing World Championships (OCRWC). I reluctantly drove up to Vermont Saturday afternoon after finishing up the work week and attending a bridal shower. I seriously, almost blew off the entire weekend of racing and podcasting because I didn’t want to make the four-hour drive (one way) alone.I arrived in Vermont just in time for dinner. We spent the night with friends who we hadn’t seen in years due to the pandemic.

Apparently, everyone but me knew what was going to unfold the next morning.Mike and some of our friends were signed up to run the team relay event at OCRWC. While Mike was on the course running and completing obstacles, he was coordinating with our friends (one held onto the ring and two friends were “babysitting” me, so I wouldn’t miss the finish line), the event videographer and the event photographer so everyone could be at the finish line so our moment could be captured perfectly.

When Mike crossed the finish line the emcee pulled Mike aside and asked about our podcast and Mike awkwardly invited me to come near him at the finish line and I was reluctant to join him. The emcee then asked Mike “so what else do you do?” and Mike responded with “I just want to say I think the course today was great” and I chimed in and said “Mike that wasn’t he question, answer his question what else do you do?”. The emcee handed Mike the microphone and Mike said “I just have this really annoying rock in my shoe” and he pulled a small wooden box out of his pocket, he then he got down onto one knee and said “will you marry me?”. I of course responded with “Oh my God, Michael Henry are you kidding me?”. I took the ring out of the box and put it on my own finger.

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