Katelyn and Micah

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How We Met

Micah and I met in Milan, Italy on a study abroad trip. We both were students at the University of Cincinnati. It’s crazy that it took traveling halfway around the world to meet!

A few gals on the trip and I decided to go down to the wine bar (on the first floor of our hostel) after we spent the afternoon settling in. A cute man approached us, put out his hand to shake ours, and said, “Hi! I’m Micah!” I thought to myself, “wow this guy has great English!” Little did I know, this man wasn’t a local and was a student on the trip with us. And that that this was the beginning to our forever!

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how they asked

I travel for my job, so recent months of our relationship have been long distance. I was in town surprising my best girl friend for her birthday, and little did I know they both had a surprised planned for me!

I was at happy hour with two of my sorority sisters, when one of them suggested we go to a local park. She had just gotten a dog and she said her boyfriend was at the park taking Nellie (the dog) on a walk. Of course I was up for it!

The three of us drove over, got out of the car, and headed up the stairs that would take us to the main part of the park. As we began up the stairs, I noticed a brown bag at the foot of a lamppost with a note on it – it was from Micah. He had planned a mini scavenger hunt for me! As we continued up the stairs we came across 5 objects that were significant in our relationship all accompanied with sweet notes. Each note explained the object, why it was important and closed with, “I love you.”

After I read the final note near the top of the stairs, my handsome man popped out from behind some trees. He was wearing all of my favorite things! His brown dress shoes, tan pants, navy suit jacket and bowtie – what a hunk! Naturally, at this point I begin bawling my eyes out. My best friend is going to ask me to be his wife!

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Micah lead me across the road to the amphitheater, where he had lined the main aisle lined with candles, rose petals and photos of us that lead to a white sheet near the stage. To be honest, I don’t remember much about the next few minutes because I was in such shock! He had created such a beautiful scene in one of our favorite places. How did I get so lucky!? We walked down to the stage and onto the sheet when Micah asked me to be his wife!

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Special Thanks

Taylor Davis
 | Photographer