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Our engagement was the biggest surprise of my life. Josh had a whole day planned and I didn’t see his proposal coming my way at all. Let me back up to November 14, 2016. I had just gotten off a twelve hour night shift at work and running on one hour of sleep. This day was the first day we were able to spend together in far too long. As I was leaving my house I threw on a hat and said to my mom and sister, “today is a hat day, it’s not like Josh is proposing to me anyways.” Little did I know this day was slowly turning into the best day of my life yet! Josh and I made our way Portland, OR (we live in Salem) for a late breakfast. We went to one of our favorite spots to eat, Slappy Cakes! Throughout the breakfast nothing seemed out of the ordinary at all. Typical talking, flirting and many “I love you’s.” Me being, well me, wrote out “Will you marry me?” with pancake batter just to say, “can’t say I never asked you to marry me!” Quickly those pancakes were eaten. After we finish eating, we meandered down Division Street wasting time and enjoying the little shops along the way. This entailed us holding hands and dreaming of life together forever.

I knew we were headed to Multnomah Falls, but I couldn’t pass up a little window shopping! We then hopped in the car and headed to our destination. Josh hadn’t acted weird or nervous all day until we headed to the falls. I didn’t think anything of it really because it started to rain rather hard and he always gets a little white knuckled while driving in this weather. (I think it’s super cute!) we made it to Multnomah falls and made our way to the famous bridge. Chatting, taking selfies (my doing of course), and stealing kisses along the way, we made it to the bridge. I still having no clue what was going on, just taking in the beautiful scenery. Josh on the other hand was about to make a lifetime decision! Josh grabs my hand and begins to get mushy. He asks “when was the last time I took you to a waterfall?” (This is when I knew it was happening! He asked me to be his girlfriend at a waterfall also!) I begin to get extremely giggly and couldn’t contain my emotions. He even had to ask me to focus a couple times. Josh dropped down on one knee, told me he loved me and said the best phrase I’ve heard yet, “Katelyn Davis, will you marry me!?”

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I still giggling uncontrollably, shouted “YES!” and gave him the biggest hug and kiss. He quickly slid the (gorgeous) ring on my finger and began kissing again. i couldn’t believe it, Josh just pulled off the biggest surprise of my life! He had this planned for weeks. From asking my dad my hand in marriage, to driving 6 hours without me knowing to get the ring! Just when I thought our day couldn’t get better, he then had a whole dinner planned with both our families to celebrate! This man is genuine, thoughtful, humble and kind. I am so honored to call him my future husband. I love him with all my heart. I am beyond excited to walk through life together. I love you Joshua Delamarter.

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 | Photographer