Katelyn and Joshua

Image 1 of Katelyn and Joshua

How We Met

I was working in my hometown deli through college. We needed extra help at Christmas time & he happened to apply. We started working together…& fell in love!

How They Asked

We’ve been together for 10 years. Right now he’s finishing up nursing school & is set to graduate in May. So this definitely wasn’t on my radar. I thought he’d wait until after graduation & started working as a nurse. He got my parents’ blessing beforehand. It was the morning after Christmas & we’d just woken up & were in bed talking & he asked me if I got everything I wanted for Christmas. Naturally, I said Yes..& then he got quiet. So I asked if he got everything he wanted. & he paused again (he said he got suddenly nervous at that moment 😂) & he said ‘almost…but no one asked me to be their fiancée.’ & me being oblivious to everything just thought ‘uh, me neither! We’re in the same boat.😂’ & somehow I still didn’t see where this was going until he rolled over with the ring in his hand & said ‘…so I’ll be the one to ask you. Will you marry me?’ It was simple & perfect &..us. 🎉💕