Katelyn and Jordan

how we met

Jordan and I knew of each other back in high school and we graduated the same year. However, we did not share any classes and we never attempted to talk to each other. A few years after graduating high school, we met up with mutual friends at a lounge near the University of South Florida. After that evening, Jordan reached out to me through Facebook. We immediately hit it off and went on our first date shortly there after.

how we met

We were on vacation in Hawaii as part of his family reunion and to celebrate our 6 year anniversary. This was the first time Jordan and I had ever been to Hawaii. Hawaii has great significance to Jordan due to his family lineage from the islands. One day we went up to the Mauna Kea Summit on the Big Island. The views were amazing all the way up the mountain and all the way down. On our way back down from the summit, we stopped on the side of the dirt road to take a picture with this gorgeous back drop.

The clouds looked like we could walk on them since they were level with the edge of the cliff. As his mom was taking the picture, he said to me “You know I love you, right?” When I turned towards him, he was down on one knee with this beautiful ring and asked “Will you marry me?” I was definitely caught off guard but, of course, I said yes.

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