Katelyn and John

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How We Met

When I graduated High School my first big job was working as a teller at a local bank and who would have thought that is where i would end up meeting my soon to be husband, the love of my life! I was working the drive thru when a guy pulled up on a sports bike to make a deposit, I honestly can’t even tell you if he took his helmet fully off or just lifted his visor but i couldn’t take my eyes off him! I went through processing the transaction and when he rode away a few of coworkers who were also close friends told me they went to high school with him (John is 4 years older than me) so what did i do next…. I looked him up on Facebook and sent him a friend request, to my surprise i soon received a Facebook message “Do you add everyone you meet at the bank on Facebook? If you ever want a ride on my bike text me xxx-xxx-xxxx” I was so embarrassed!

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I had no idea he was able to see me so clearly through the drive thru, at least not enough to recognize my face book friend request ha-ha! We talked for a little, messaging back and forth but nothing came of it. A few months later he saw me leaving the bank and texted me, we set up a date for that Saturday night at Dave and Busters and no lie we hung out every day since. Now here we are, engaged and two fur babies later, Hank & Maggie.

how they asked

(5 years later….) John loves all things Diesel, he has had two trucks in the past 5 years we have been together and was soon making it 3. He is a certified Diesel Mechanic and basically built his last truck (#2) which turned out to be the fastest LML in the country! I never thought i would see the day were he would sell that truck but it came in February 2017 when he brought up the idea of ordering a new truck. He went back and forth and for a while and decided he wasn’t going to get it which i know wasn’t going to be the case so i jokingly bet him he would get his truck before i got a ring.. What do you know a few weeks later that truck was ordered. He was excited and it was hard for me not to be also, this was the first time he was ordering a truck to his standards and for a truck guy that’s a big deal! In the back of my mind i was bummed because i had thought this truck would be pushing back our future because lets face it, trucks aren’t cheap!

We went through headache after headache trying to sell his truck but finally had a buyer and what do you know his new truck arrived a month earlier than expected! I left work early that day to go with and pick up his new truck and was excited but slightly upset, he had talked all morning about his payments dropping so that was more money to put towards a ring and i just thought this is never going to happen! A few hours later we arrive at the dealership and signed the papers! John got his brand new 2017 Denali, we went outside to take some pictures- John had his friend who is a professional photographer come to get some pictures of him with the truck, which i knew about and thought was totally normal for him! Him and his Diesel buddies always do photo shoots together, but this time it was different.

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He asked me to come take a picture with him and when i turned to pose he pulled me towards him and said these words that i will never forget…..” Kate you won the bet, i got the truck before you got your ring”….He then got down on one knee and said ” I want to share this truck with you, Will you Marry Me?

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For me it was everything i ever wanted and more, it couldn’t have been more personal or more us. 4.21.17 is one of the best days of my life.

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Special Thanks

Colin Kund
 | Photographer
Lili Alderfer
 | Lili created chalk boards signs for us to use to take pictures with us the proposal happened